Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Days

Some pictures of summer days spent at Rigby Lake. A favorite of ours!!

Q getting buried.

Liam wrapped up in beach towels taking a snooze. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?!

Liam getting down and dirty.

The Backmans were able to meet us one day and Q loved playing with his buddy Krew.

The crew...Quinton and Liam with their cousins.

Love those baby blues!

Crazy boy.....

Sweet boy!

I am in love with this little boys smile. He makes me happy:)

Soakin' up the sun, chatting with the girls and letting our kids run wild. Yep...I'll take that any day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Look who's walking!!

It's official...Liam is a walking machine!! This kid is all over the place and into everything!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pool Party

Three of my four nephews have birthdays in August so my sister decided to have a combined party for them. She rented this awesome water slide and fun was had by all!!

She also had some water toys set up for the babies like this little pool that was filled with warm water. The bigger kids kind of took it over to warm up in after they went down the slide.

Laid is rough for the Quinton guy!!

Check out the size of that water slide in the back round. Some serious FUN!! Even the adults loved it!

I took both the kids down and Liam was not impressed. He hated it!!

Q tried to go down by himself and it didn't pan out too well. He got so scared and tried climbing back up the slide. He never did end up going down by himself.

Q going down with me for the first time. His faces(and mine) crack me up.

Thanks Bennetts for the awesome party and happy birthday Conley, Slaton and Lawson!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swimming lessons

Q took swimming lessons this summer at the Ammon city pool and absolutely loved it! He had it M-F for two weeks and he was so sad when it was over. The first day the pool was really cold(not sure why) and he didn't really want to go back. After the second day he told me the pool was warm and he had so much fun. He did really well and I saw an improvement just within those two weeks. At the end of the two weeks he was going under the water all by himself(before swimming lessons it was next to impossible to get him to do this). I was so proud of him!! He even jumped off the diving board the last day. He was the only one in his class to do it by himself. Yay Quinton!! My little boy is getting so big:)

His teachers were so nice. He really liked them!

Back floats.

So good at paying attention to his teachers. Naughty boy:)

He had a hard time with the staying on the step rule. Getting in trouble and laughing. That is what I deal with daily!!

Going under!!!

Jumping off the diving board.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Heaven on earth

I've said before and I'll say it again...we HEART the cabin!! It is seriously the best place on earth(especially with little kids that still take naps). We went up to the cabin again in August and had a blast!! I took the kids up Thursday with my mom and sisters and then all the men meet us up there on Friday night after work. Bran hurt his shoulder really bad at work on Friday so his weekend kind of got spoiled by that:( I'm so sad summer is coming to an end.


This is what happens when Bran is driving...Poor JC and Logan!!

Liam thinks the boat is a party!!

Liam's first ever tube ride. He loved it!

Nothing beats soakin' up the sun with this handsome dude!!


What would we do without Aunt Madi!?

So close...maybe I'll get it next summer.

All tuckered out after the fun weekend!!