Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Fun & Big news

I can't believe its been like 2 months since I last updated
this blog!! Opps! We have had a fun last couple of months
with trips to the cabin, snowmobiling, family get-to-togethers, birthdays and getting through the 1st trimester of pregnancy. That's right. WE ARE EXPECTING BABY #2 AUGUST 11th!! We could not be happier!! I am almost 17 weeks along and we find out what we are having March 11th, so just a few more weeks. Crazy!!

Here are a few pictures of some fun winter activities we have been doing. Q asks me almost everyday if we can go snowmobiling and sledding. Too bad his pregnant mommy just doesn't have it in her. We have made it out to my parents house a few times to pull the kids around.

Making snow angles

Q with his cousin Conley

Teaching my nephew Bryler how to snowboard. This ones for you Chelsi.

Last month we went to the Kelley cabin!! We had a great time and
Quinton loves playing with his cousin Cody!!! These two have become such good buddies.

In February Bran's mom and step-dad got sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple. It was such a special day and I'm so glad we were able to be a part of it.

Typical morning around our house. Breakfast in undies!!
I told Q to look at the camera and these are the poses I got. He is seriously so funny and cracks me up everyday. Our figures are looking quite similar these days!!

Hey ladies.....

He was getting a kick out of himself!!

Boys will be boys!!

Celebrating Branden's 27th birthday. My hubby is getting so old!! Hope you had a good day Bran!! We love you!

A couple weekends ago we went to the Taylor cabin. So FUN!!

Highlights of the weekend were
-getting stuck trying to get into the cabin
-My dad's comment on how he wakes my mom up in the morning
-Going on a snowmobile ride with Branden where he made his pregnant wife fall off.
-watching it snow non-stop all weekend long
- Late night talks
-eating, eating and more eating. My kind of weekend.
-not having a care in the world.
-Uncle Dustin making a Sweet snow fort.
The kids were a little bit obsessed with jumping off the stairs and this little ledge.

We love our cousins!!!

Sledding with Madi

Branden and my little sister Madi.

I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture but that is a huge drop off that Bran took Madi off. Poor girl was scared to death.

My little brother Logan tried multiple times to get up the dock on the little snow scoot and got stuck every time. Pretty darn funny to watch though.

Cute boy!! Love him!