Saturday, June 28, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduation!!! How did this happen??? He is growing up way too fast! So proud of my little graduate!!!
He lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was adorable!!!

 It was the cutest Hawaiian Luau program!

 Q with his teacher Miss Kymm. We adore her and are going to miss her so much until Liam starts preschool.
 Q with his best buddies from preschool.
 Way to go Quinton!!!
 Q had so many people come to watch him. He thought he was pretty darn cool:)
Q with Aunt Madi
 Grandma and Papa Kelley
 Grandma and Papa Garner

These peeps are my everything!!! 

Quinton continues to make me the proudest Mom EVERRR!!! It's been so fun watching him learn and grow! Way to go bud! It's so crazy he will start Kindergarten in the Fall…NOOO!!! I can't even talk about it without getting teary eyed:( 

Mother's Day

I'm so blessed to be the one they call Mom! Motherhood is the BEST!!! It was a great day celebrating all the amazing Moms in my life!
My sweet Mom is one in a million! I can only hope to be half the Mom/Grandma she is. Love her to bits!!! 
 Boy oh boy did I luck out in the Mother in law department. This lady is truly amazing! Thanks for raising such a wonderful son! We love you!!!

Happy Mother's day to all the other amazing Mothers in my life. You have all taught me so much! I love you!!!!

Q's growth hormone update

We found out in March that Q has a growth hormone deficiency. We went into our pediatrician for a well check up and since he hasn't been growing we decided to order the tests at the hospital to get some blood work done and a bone age x-ray of his hand. We got results back a couple of days later and sure enough he isn't making enough growth hormone. Our pediatrician then referred us to a pediatric endocrinologist in Salt Lake. We drove down there in April to meet with this doctor and to get some more accurate blood work done. The doctor is now monitoring him for six months and we go back in Oct. We also made an appointment at Primary Children's for a second opinion. This has been extremely hard on Bran and I. It weighs on our minds ALL the time. The unknown is the worst part! Q on the other hand is a CHAMP!!! He is such a brave little boy! He has gotten poked and prodded multiple times and I'm sure many times to come and has never complained once! I will update as soon as we meet with our doctors in Oct. 

Q was so brave they gave him a blue teddy bear at the hospital and we also went to target afterwards so he could pick out a toy. What a trooper:)
Our day trip to SLC… LOVE this boy!!!!

Spring Soccer

Q did Soccer again this spring and had a blast! He really loves playing and did so good! 
First game...Go team Flash!!!
Spring soccer in Idaho…brrr! Bran cracks me up in all his golf rain gear…what a wuss;) 

 My good friend from high school came into town for the weekend and decided to come to the soccer game to cheer on the boys.

 Soccer STUD!!!
 Q's biggest fan!
 When you are as good as team flash people are going to take photos of you:)
Seriously this picture kills me. Liam is a crack up! I had so many pictures on my phone after the game:)))

 The three musketeers!

 I love this picture of the boys celebrating after they got a goal. It's so fun to watch them get so excited! I LOVE IT!!!

 Last game of the season!
 So proud of this little dude!

 Q's fan base:)

 Okay is this picture not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!?! Love these cute little buddies!


We started the Easter festivities by dying Easter eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Garner's house.

Easter morning….
The boys loved the baskets the Easter bunny brought them!

 After church we went out to my parent's house for an Easter egg hunt. 
 The boys got loaded up with way too much candy!!!

 My Mom and Dad with all their grand kids at the time. Since then baby Bowmen has joined these crazies. Can you believe all these boys?!?! We just found out my little sister is having the first girl and boy are we all excited!!!

 It must have been a little hot for Mollie…she decided to go for a quick dip in the fountain. 
Because of him….
I get to call them mine for eternity!
Feeling blessed!!!