Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things

Thanks to my friend Calyn I will now attempt to write 25 things about myself. Here it goes.

1. I have somehow adopted my husband's sleeping habits. I used to go to bed no later than 10, but now I'm lucky if I'm in bed before 12. Bran is such a night owl.
2. I could live off diet coke and fast food. I'm kind of a health nut.
3. I am also a huge fan of candy. Pretty much any candy you put in front of me I will eat.
4. I love living close to family and would probably have a really hard time if I ever had to move far away. I'm definitely a mommy's girl.
5. I have a secret crush on George Strait. I'm not sure way but I think he is extremely handsome.
6. I grew up on a farm and even moved pipe for my dad for a few summers. It was quite hard but he paid me good and it kept me in shape.
7. I am deathly afraid of snakes, fish and spiders.
8. No one makes me laugh harder than my husband.
9. I someday want to coach cheerleading.
10. I love dogs. I have always had a dog and I'm sure I always will.
11. I love being a mom. Its so rewarding.
12. I love going on Sunday drives.
13. I really do love working out. The hardest part for me is getting into the routine.
14. Bran and I met on a blind date.
15. I still talk to all my girlfriends from high school.
16. I'm a gamer. I love playing cards and board games. Especially late at night when everyone is really tired and we start to get the giggles. So fun.
17. I love Island Park. We are super lucky and have three cabins there between bran and I families. It is one of my favorite places to vacation along with Lake Powell of course.
18. I can't hardly wait for summer. Boating is my all time favorite.
19. I hate grocery shopping.
20. I really like sports or I think I'm more obligated to like them being married to Bran.
21. I would rather buy something for Quinton or Bran instead of myself. They are just more fun to shop for.
22. I'm super close to all my sisters. We are a lot alike.
23. I really like photography and want to take classes to get good at it.
24. I wish we could sell our house. Its been on the market for 6 months and still no luck.
25. Finally the end. Someday I want to travel the world with my husband.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is this wrong?

Looks like a natural to meSo do you think we are getting him started to young? Poor Quinton probably doesn't have a chance of not being addicted to this stuff seeing that both his parents have one in their hands at all times. I think its already in his genes( All thanks to grandma Kelley). If you have one of these shiny silver cans in your hands Quinton has both hands in the air trying to grab it with his mouth wide open. I have never given him any so I'm not real sure why he does this. My guess is his dad is sneaking him a few sips behind my back. What good parents we are. It's quite horrible actually and I keep telling myself to cut back. I have gotten better, but it just to good to totally give up.
- for the record the can is not open in these pictures

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bran!!

So here is what I gave Branden for his birthday-a punch to the eye. No, he actually ran into the door earlier today and cut his eye open. Oops! I wish I had a more exciting story to tell all of you but its just that plan and simple- you've got to watch out for those doors, they'll getcha. He has a pretty good size goose egg and a massive headache to go with it. And to top it all off we have a sick miserable baby. Anyway Happy Birthday Bran! Hope your day wasn't to horrifying. We love you!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Babies, Babies and more Babies

My sister chelsi has just announced to everyone that she is expecting. I am so excited for her and can hardly wait for another little niece or nephew. She is such a good mommy . I have noticed that I have learned a lot from her in the parenting department. She already has two adorable little boys that are only 15 months apart so I give her props everyday and wonder how she is still sane. I think deep down we are all kindof crossing our fingers for a little girl. I wonder how well a little girly girl would fit in with all these dang boys. Well congrats again Chels and Dust. Love you guys.

Happy Birthday Cody!!!

Quinton with cousin Brinley
Quinton with cousin London. Cute Cute girls.

A few nights ago Justin and Nicole's Cody turned 2 years old and they had a little party for him. We opened his presents and had cake and ice cream. He loved his cake and after we sang to him he couldn't resist and went for it with both bare hands. He made quite the mess but it was really funny.