Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Time

We love Summer time!!! Here is how we have spent our summer so far.

Enjoying some fun activities with Dad...Golfing

Mowing the lawn. Q loves to follow Bran around the yard and help him mow. I really should invest in a little lawn mower so he doesn't have to push this pretend mower around.

We have enjoyed the nice weather with swimming pools and slip n' slides

Q fell into the sprinklers on the slip n' slide and did not think it was too funny.

A few weeks ago we went to the zoo with our good buddies Jessica and Krew. The kids had tons of fun running around but I think the highlight was the petting zoo. They thought the goats were quite entertaining.

Feeding the goats or I should say goat with the one piece of food we got from the quarter machine. Yeah we got ripped off!!!

Cute boys!!

Checking out the Tigers

My favorite little boy!!

My cute mom had her 50th birthday so we had to throw her a party. We picked her up from the golf course in this hearse in front of all her friends. My dad even dressed up in a suit just like a mortitian. Pretty funny stuff!! She was so shocked and a little embarrassed. Are we mean children or what?! She rode in the hearse back to her house where we had it all decorated. Hope you had a great day Mom. We sure love you!!!

Quinton giving Grandma some loves on her birthday.

At the beginning of the month I turned the big 25!! I went to lunch with my mom and sisters and then Quinton went and stayed the night with my parents while Bran and I enjoyed dinner and movie. It was a great day!!