Saturday, February 25, 2012


At the beginning of February we were able to take a trip to Arizona for the week and stay with Grandma and Papa Hall. We always have so much fun down there. We took the kids this year which is a first for us. They did so good the whole trip even though I was a little nervous about the plane ride.  But they did great! Quinton thought the plane ride was so much fun.  He got the window seat and couldn't have been more pleased. 
Quinton LOVED Grandma and Grandpa's pool.  He wanted to swim every morning and night. After the first day he even swam all by himself (we were by the pool).
This was Grandpa Hall trying to catch him with the pool cleaner.  He thought it was pretty funny.
"That's not a good idea." -Quinton, every time Branden would try something new in the pool with him.
One of our last days there we went to the zoo.  We were there while they were feeding the monkeys. 
Quinton and his cousin Brighton even got to feed the giraffes. 
Quinton playing with his cousin Brighton and Grandma Hall
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Roasting marshmallows the last night we were there.  No one ate the ones Quinton made...
The weather was just a hair better than Idaho.  We got to go on walks every morning and play outside all day.
We had SOOO much fun.  A few other highlights of the trip were Quinton playing golf with dad and grandpa, shopping with Shay and Grandma, and eating out at some delicious restaurants. Thanks to Grandma and Papa Hall for a great time.  Quinton still tells us to take him back to Arizona just about every day.

Finally...Some snow

This winter has been really mild with hardly any snow. I'm not complaining but sometimes I love a good snow storm. Quinton also loves it cause that means he gets to go outside and help his dad shovel the driveway.
(this snow storm was from a few weeks much better than the wind storm thats happening outside now.  It's so bad it blew some shutters off our house. Yuck...I hate the wind)
Looking out the window to Q and his dad playing in the snow....melts my heart.
While they were hard at work/play me and this cute little guy stayed nice and warm inside making soup. I love nights like these.