Monday, April 30, 2012

My little models

Here are some pictures I took of the boys a couple weeks ago. Liam is 8 months old and Quinton is 3 1/2 years old.
Brotherly love
I asked Q some questions about his favorite things right now....
Favorite movie: Super Heroes
Favorite Super Hero: Spider man
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Lucky Charms
Favorite Book: Super Heroes
Favorite Toy: Dinosaurs and Super Heroes
Favorite Team: Braves
Favorite place to go: Conley and Bryler's house
Best buddy: Dad and Liam (this answer made me smile, so sweet)
Quinton is such a sweet little boy. There is nothing better then his random "I love you". The other night when I was listening in on Branden putting him to bed I heard Q say to him " Dad you are my best buddy. I love you". Aww... it melted my heart.  He is a great older brother. He wants to be around Liam at all times. He helps him when he cries and loves to give him hugs and kisses. It would be an understatement to say Q is obsessed with Super Heroes right now. He loves to wear his spidey cape everywhere and instead of waving at people Q prefers to spider web them. He loves to play games on phones and my computer. I hope this is a phase cause it is so hard to limit him from the phone and computer. He loves to ride his power wheel on the dirt road behind our house and collect rocks and sticks.  He also loves to play baseball , basketball and golf.  He is super funny and we love him to bits!!
Liam is such a happy baby and we can't imagine our life without him. He has not started crawling yet(thank heavens) but rolls all over the joint. His 2nd bottom tooth is coming in right now and he is super fussy. Poor little guy:(  He is starting to jabber a lot. His first word was da-da and he looks right at Bran when he says it. That has been both my kids first word. Those little traders:) He does this cute little head shake that Quinton thinks is hilarious. He is always smiling and an absolute joy to have in our family.
Baby feet:)

Question: Does anyone know why I can't comment on other people's blogs? It says my comment has been published  but then it doesn't show up. I'm so confused....Has this happened to anyone else?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meeting Sue

I took Q and Liam to the museum to see Sue the T-Rex. Quinton thought it was so awesome. He was in awe wondering around the museum looking at all the displays. He is really into dinosaurs and talks to me on a regular basis about all the different kinds of dinosaurs and what they eat(plant eaters or meat eaters).
I could not believe how big Sue was.
He insisted on me taking a picture of him in front of the teepee.
Q telling me all about this dino.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We had an awesome Easter weekend filled with so many fun activities for the kids and reflecting on the Resurrection of our Savior. On Saturday we colored Easter eggs. Quinton picked out a spider man coloring kit at the store and was really excited to put it to use.
Q painting one of his eggs. Look at that concentration...
The finished line up. He was pretty proud of these beauties:)
Me with my handsome boys before church. My whole family talked in their ward that Sunday so we decided to go listen to them speak. They all did a great job.
We planted "magical" jelly beans in the yard the night before Easter.  Q could not wait to see what they grew into the next morning. He told me before bed that night that he thought his jelly beans were probably going to grow into a tree or a bean stock. Haha I think he was quite surprised to see suckers instead.
The Easter Bunny set up a little scavenger hunt to lead Quinton and Liam to their baskets. Q loved it!!
Dad reading him a clue.

Liam was thrilled that the Easter Bunny left him mickey mouse.
Q testing out the super hero bubble machine he got in his basket.
Later that night my parents had an Easter egg hunt at their house with all the grand kids.
Q made a haul...
Grandma Garner doing what she does best.
The engaged couple with all the nephews.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quinton's first Scripture

Quinton was asked to give the scripture and Prayer in Primary last month for the first time and he did such a good job.  He was SO excited to go to Church that day. It was adorable watching him sit in front of the primary in his assigned chair with his arms folded and the biggest grin on his face. You could definitely tell he was beyond thrilled:) I was a little worried he would get super shy up there and I would end up saying the scripture and prayer but oh was I wrong. He was not shy at ALL!! Way to go Q! I got a voicemail later that night from a lady in our ward who was substituting that day saying that she wanted to tell me how much she loved hearing Q talk in primary. She said it was the cutest thing she had heard in awhile and it made her tear up.  I may have shed a tear myself after listening to her sweet message.  He sure made his mommy and daddy proud!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Indoor activities

Here are a few things we did while stuck indoors the last couple months of winter.
Q spent days playing in his box house and he also kept Liam entertained during the process. Win-win for me!!
We made ice cream in a bag.
We've watched a lot of basketball.  I love how Q is hanging on to Liam's arm. It must have been an intense game!
We lounged around on cold gloomy mornings watching cartoons. I love laying in bed and looking over at these two cuties. My day couldn't start out any better. Almost every morning when Q wakes up the first thing he does is goes straight into Liam's room, flips on the lights and crawls into his crib.  We have told Q not to do this anymore but it's kinda hard to get mad at him cause it's pretty darn cute( Liam probably doesn't think so).   I love hearing them through the monitor each morning talking and laughing at each other.  
Giving piggy back rides pant less...of course. I'm so glad it is warming up outside so we can now spend most of our days in the sun!!