Monday, November 30, 2009

Recent Happenings

We had such a great Thanksgiving and hope everyone else
did too. We spent the day with family and enjoyed wonderful
food, games and many laughs. I have so much to be
thankful for I don't even know where to start. I have been
so blessed with an amazing husband and beautiful little
boy who means the world to me. I'm thankful for the gospel
in my life, the country I live in and all my amazing family
and friends.

Q checking out the first snow fall. He thought the
snow was pretty awesome!

Quinton loves reading books. He will sit for 20- 30 minutes
just flipping through books, which seems like an eternity
these days. Quinton has definitely turned into a little boy
and nothing keeps his attention long. He is one busy busy
boy. His favorite book is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue
Fish. I'm pretty sure I read this book at least 5 times a
day and now have the entire book memorized.

Quinton loves eating toquitos. He copies his dad every
move. He saw Bran dipping his toquitos in sour cream so
now Q thinks he has to dip everything he eats in sour
cream. This little boy cracks us up everyday.

My little brother Logan played in his championship
football game a while back and Quinton and his cousins had
a great time cheering Uncle Logan on.

Notice Quinton's one snaggle tooth on the top. It is so
funny. I love it!! It is taking forever for the second one to
come in!

My little brother Logan with the trophy.
Their team won the championship and Logan
had a great year. We loved watching him play
this year and went to as many games as
we could. Way to go Logan!!

Yay!! Touchdown!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pepe Le Q

We had such a great Halloween. Quinton was the cutest
little skunk ever.On Friday we went trick or treating at
Melaluca with my cousin Shaylee, my sister and my mom.
It was so much fun and Quinton loved it!! Thanks Shay!!
Then on Halloween we started off the night with a visit from
Quinton's buddy Drake. Drake was superman and looked so
cute. I love this picture of Quinton giving his good pal some

We made our way out to my parents to do a little trick or
treating. They live way out in the country so they don't
get many trick or treaters which means big big candy
bars for us. SCORE!!

Quinton with his cousins Bryler and Conley. I loved their
costumes!! Those boys love their Super Heros. Their
costumes fit them perfectly.

The back of Quinton's costume was hilarious. His little tail waddled back in forth when he walked. So Cute!!

Quinton with Bran's grandma and grandpa Hall

Q taking matters into his own hands. I'm pretty sure he walked out of grandma and grandpa Halls with at least ten suckers. We had such a great night and hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! My camera died before we hit grandma and grandpa Kelley and grandma and grandpa Hall. Darn, I think I needed more pictures haha!