Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Slaton and Conley's B-day

While we were out of town my older sister Chelsi had her third little boy. He is so adorable and we love him to death. He was born with a ton of brown hair which is totally opposite from their other two blonde headed boys. I love it! Anyway sorry I'm a little late on this post but congratulations Bennett family he's absolutely perfect. Love you Slaton.

Isn't he the cutest! I just can't get enough of this little guy!

I also missed out on my nephew Conley's 2nd Birthday party. Happy birthday buddy! Sorry we missed your party. We love you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cabin Fever

We have been busy busy I'm not really sure
where to even start. We have taken a lot
of cabin trips lately which is one of our
favorite vacations. We spent the weekend at
the Taylor cabin with my family and then headed
over to the Hall cabin for the week. It was a long
time to be away from home but we had a great time.
Okay now to explain the pictures below. We don't
play on the lake on Sundays so after a long six hour
game of rook we got a little crazy. When 12:00
hit and it was no longer the Sabbath we went
out on the lake to do a little water-skiing. And
when I say we I mean my cousin Taylor. All the
rest of us were a bunch of wimps and not to mention
it was freezing outside by this time. So you just
have to know my cousin Taylor to know he is a bit
of a wild man and always up for a good time. I was
a little nervous at first thinking if he falls are we
going to be able to see him in the water. Well
luckily it was a full moon and we could see him
just fine along with a little marco polo when he did
fall. We also had a some flash lights in boat that
came in handy. Anyway it was a fun adventure.

What are we doing????

We were super safe and all wore life
jackets on the boat. (a request from
the parents of course)
I love this picture! The steam coming
off the lake looks so cool.
The dare devil himself and we all survived!!

Hall Cabin

We spent the week at the Hall Cabin on Hebgen
Lake and had a blast. I love that place. It is so
pretty up there and the water is always so smooth
compared to what I'm used to at Island Park reservoir
which is always pretty rough besides early in the
morning or late in the evening. But there is a trade
off cause the water is ten times colder at Hebgen
then it is at Island Park. Thank goodness for wet
suits. I love those things even though they look
ridiculous on. Thanks everyone for such a great
time. Can't wait till next year.

All my adorable nieces and nephews. I had a ball
with these cuties.

Quinton had tons of fun playing on the beach.
He never really got in the water cause it was
just way to cold.

He did love the jet ski though.

Bran showing off his moves on the wake
board. What a stud!