Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun Summer Happenings

We have had a crazy busy summer so far and have been
loving every minute of it. I have gotten way behind on
blogging so this is a major catch up with tons of pictures.

One of Q's new favorite activities. He got this bat about a
month ago and loves the thing. He watches baseball games
on TV with Bran and copies exactly what the hitters do.
His swing is looking pretty good. He got a tee for his
birthday and we have spent many days outside playing
t-ball. The kid loves his sports.

Happy Father's Day! I told you I was way behind.
Bran is such a good daddy and we love him so much.
Here's Q giving Bran his sweet homemade gifts we made
him. Too cute!!

Quinton has been playing a little to hard outside and has
gotten plenty of these beauties. He takes the bonks like a
champ now a days. Atta Boy!!!

Who doesn't love licking the spoons

We had a super fun day with
cousins at Ross Park. Quinton's
favorite thing was the lazy river.
The fun splashing toys -not a fan.

Laying out. That's my boy!!

Q with his cousins Bryler and Conley.
I took Quinton to the Splash Park with his good buddy
Drake a while back and yes it was before Ross Park so
I had no idea my child was such a wuss when it came to
water splashing on him. He hated it. Pretty sure he didn't
even touch the water. At least Drake had a good time. He
was a mad man at that place. Quinton was much more
interested in the carousel.

We have spent plenty of fun days
with buddies

Cute Drake
Quinton and Stockton. My good friend Kylee came into
town and we were able to get the kiddos together. **************************************************
Some typical summer days around the Hall residence.
It has been pretty hot this summer and Q is usually always
cruising around in his diaper. A little white trash-maybe.

Boating. We love it!!!

My little sister Megan and I

Q cheering on Aunt Megan or May May in Quinton's words.

That's one cool cat!!

We played softball again this summer and had a party.
I am so sad it is already over. We had seven wins and only
three losses. Whoo Hoo!! Way to go Kelley Appraisers.
(Thanks Greg for sponsoring us)

The girls

Bran and Trev warming up.

The team. Bran,Trevor,Jorden,Dustin,Luke
And finally the end. This weekend we went
and watched the Blue Angels. They were
Amazing!! We sat at the soccer fields right
by the airport and had an awesome view.
Those things flew right over our heads. It
was nuts. They were crazy loud and Quinton
quickly figured that out and started covering his
ears. Before they started we had a nice little
football game going and you know Quinton
was not missing out on that action.

By the end Quinton was so wore out he actually passed
out while they were still preforming. I seriously have
no idea how he slept through all that noise. Poor kid must
have been exhausted!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Reunion

A few weekends ago we went to the annual Taylor Family
reunion. I always look forward to this weekend. We had so
much fun playing on the water, getting my trash kicked in
Rook, and staying up way to late talking(which always hits
me when we get back home cause Q does not believe in
sleeping when we are out of town). Does anyone else feel
like they need a vacation after going on vacation? The
whole fam was able to make it and it was so nice to see
everyone. Thanks guys for such a fun weekend!!

Quinton loved the swing.

Filling up water balloons. Definitely a hit with the kiddos.

Just a few of my cousins. I absolutely love them.
We have such a great time together.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Quinton

It was Quinton's second birthday yesterday and we threw
him a little basketball party. Friends and family came over
to celebrate and Q had a great time. He loved all the
attention and got some awesome presents. Thanks
everyone for all the gifts! I can't believe my baby is two
years old. What the heck!?! I love this little boy so much
and am so thankful to be his mother. He is such a happy
little guy and makes us laugh everyday. I can't imagine
life without him. Happy Bithday CRAZY Q!!!

My first attempt to make a birthday cake. Thanks Chelsi
for showing me how. And yes I do know their are four candles on the cake instead of just two but they were way too cute and I couldn't resist.

Me and my goofy faced 2 year old.

Opening presents. The kid loves Ice Age.

And Phineas and Ferb

We like to start him out young around here.

Quinton was such a sweetheart and gave
everyone a hug after he opened their presents.

Gift from mom and dad. He loved it. And so did all the
other kids.

This is the face we got during the Happy Birthday song. What a cutie!!

This is how I feel when I eat cake too. Delicious!

Happy Birthday Quinton!! We love you!!