Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Q and I went to California with my family to watch my little sister Madi at nationals for cheerleading. We had the best time!! I can't even begin to describe how excited Q was about this trip and to go to Disneyland. He is at the perfect age and LOVED every minute of  it!! He was in heaven and so was I watching him experience all these fun new things!! This post is our first three days in California. Disneyland deserves a post of its own.(Yeah, I take way too many pictures...) I have to say thank you to everyone who helped watch Liam while I was gone. He had great babysitters and I kindof married a great guy who made this trip possible!!:) 

We took a bus ride down to SLC with the cheerleaders and let me just tell you it was HORRIBLE!! I think everyone on that bus was sick by the time we got to the airport except Q. He was having a grand ol time:)

At the airport getting super excited to go to California!!!

 Q with the cutest cheerleader ever.
 Quinton loved the airplane. He would watch out the window and laugh extremely loud and yell "look how high we are now." This took place pretty much the entire plane ride. He also loved getting snacks and sprite served to him. Airplanes are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!
Our airplane was sweet!! It had TVs on every head rest so Q and I shared headphones and watched basketball and golf. His channel selection would have made his daddy proud:)

 We went to Downtown Disney one night and Q really wanted this Doc Mcstuffins doctor set so of course Grandma bought it for him!! He is obsessed with his "tools" and did multiple check ups on everyone over the next couple days. He even got a good look at Mego's feet and's raynauds:)

 Hangin at the pool!

 Life is good...

 Getting ready to head to the beach.
He's a total goof! 

 Finally a normal picture.
 The girls minus Chelsi. We wish she could have been there.
 Q loved the beach even though it was freezing cold.

 I love his faces! Priceless!!

 Downtown Disney

 He thought the Hulk built out of legos was the coolest thing ever!!
 And woody and buzz.
 Q has a major obsession with tinker bell. Yes, tinker bell...we are raising a real manly man:) Tinker bell blew him a kiss in Mickey's parade at Disneyland and I thought Q was going to lose it!!
 Competition Day. Go Skyline!! They did so good and barely missed finals. They only took five teams into finals and Skyline got seventh. So proud of Madi! She did awesome!! 
 Me and Megan
My mom, me, Megan and Q the photo bomb 
 My mom with my little brother Logan...
 and my little sister Madi. Her babies...

It was a long day at the competition and Quinton did a lot of this...
 Yay its all over!! Good job Skyline!

Goodbye California!! Stay tuned for Disneyland!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Island Park

The day after we got back from the cruise we headed up to Island Park with my family. We had a great time snowmobiling, swimming, playing games and sitting by the fire chatting. We love cabin trips!!!

 These boys love sledding!!
 This cute bulldog jumped in the sled with the kids while we were pulling them around. He was so cute and sure made us miss Besty and Bella:(
 Mr. Blue eyes all bundled up. 

 Silly boys

 These tiny guys played basketball all weekend.
 Liam swimming with Aunt Mego
 Q(with his 12 sizes too big life jacket) and Lawson.