Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fighting Irish

I just had to add these few pictures of Quinton in his St. Patrick's day shirt cause I thought they were adorable.
Quinton and Drake. In every picture I got of these two Quinton either had his hand on Drake's leg or holding on to his arm. So cute. What good buds.

Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago I got a new camera and I absolutely love it. I got a Nikon D40. My sister's friend was selling hers and I'd been wanting one for quite some time now so it worked out great(thanks Ashley). I have no idea how to us it yet but hopefully I will figure it out soon. Now I just need the photoshop program to fix up all the pictures and then I will be well on my way. Luckily my sister has the same camera and photoshop already so hopefully she can teach me a little about it and I can just download hers. Anyway poor Quinton has had more pictures taken in the last week or so than he has had his entire life.
Quinton has the tiniest little hands and feet I have ever seen. I swear they haven't grown at all since he was born.

Love those baby blues.
Quinton has become quite the little mover lately. I think he is pretty close to crawling. He has gotten on all fours only a few times but he does however have the army move down pat. And changing diapers is more of a wrestling match now a days too with the constant rolling around. Fun fun!Nice face hu? I guess I deserved this evil eye.(One too many pictures)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Week Without Dad

Bran had to go to Boise all week for work. We surely missed him, but kept busy so we wouldn't think about it to much. I'm very grateful Bran doesn't have to travel often cause I would probably lose my mind. I hate being home alone. The first part of the week was quite nice outside so we decided to go for a walk around the river with my mom, sister and her boys. However we didn't get to far before it started raining and we had to turn around but it was still fun. Quinton loved it. He was all bundled up so it wasn't long till he was sound asleep.
We were so excited for Bran to get home Quinton and I made him a Welcome Home cake and wrote him a little poem to go with it. I know super cheesy but it was fun and he loved it. I also got some really pretty flowers from Bran. What a sweetheart.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Quinton's New Milestones

Where to start. I swear just over the last few days Quinton's personality has changed so much. Hes growing up way to fast. First of all he has progressed to the shopping cart from the car seat. I love not having to carry that huge car seat into every store we go into and he thinks sitting in the cart is so much fun. He loves being able to see whats going on around him.
So I have been trying to get Quinton to take a bottle for quite some time now and have had absolutely no luck. On a good day he will take his sippy cup for about a minute until it turns into a toy. He is slowly and I repeat slowly getting better but I just hope he has it down before we go to California at the end of this month. So if anyone has some helpful tips for me on how to get a stubborn baby to take a bottle or a sippy cup PLEASE let me know. I'm getting desperate.

Sitting up in the bath tub all by himself. Hes been doing this for awhile now but I'm just getting around to posting it. I love how little he looks in there. His head can barley see over the tub. Oh yes and as you can kind of see the more toys in the bath tub the better.

I have saved the best for last. Quinton has a new favorite face. What a goofball! My camera is full of this ridiculous face. I sure hope this is just a phase. haha gotta love it though.