Monday, July 29, 2013

Lake Powell 2013

At the end of June Quinton and I went to Lake Powell with my family. Branden and I didn't feel great about taking our extremely busy baby boy on a houseboat for a week so my awesome hubby stayed home with Liam while Q and I partied it up!!! We had the best time minus hearing about a major boating accident that happened while we were there...So sad!! We saw rescue crews out searching for bodies and it was heartbreaking! 

Q and my little brother Logan passed out sharing pillows at the hotel after a long day of driving!

We loaded the houseboat the next day and headed out to find our new home for the week.
 Pretty sure I have the cutest mom and sisters around!!
 Handsome boys....taking it easy!!
 We found an awesome spot to park the houseboat with a sandy beach. The kids were in heaven!!!

 Do you notice Quinton's name on the rocks?!?!

 Loved waking up to this view every morning!!

 Cliff jumping!!!

Q and his cousins get along really well but when you spend all week together there are bound to be some fights. Pretty funny I had my camera out to catch this one and good thing Uncle Logan was there to brake it up:) 
 The kids were very content doing this the entire time... Having water fights and swimming on the beach. Tubing was also a favorite!!
 Lake Powell is beautiful!!! We spent one day exploring and found this awesome little spot. We tied the boat up and hiked back in that canyon. It was so fun!! 

 Exploring the canyon!!! 
 We even found pools and waterfalls at the end of it. 
 A little slice of Heaven for these boys!!!
 The older boys had to climb the waterfall....of course!! Pretty entertaining to watch!

 A picture of the whole group. We loved finding this cool little spot and spending a good chunk of the day here. It was a party for sure!!!
 Next up Rainbow bridge. 

  I think we are kindof awesome!!!
 Q helping out with the fire.
 Tough boys!!!

 Best buddies!! 

 Such a cute, sweet boy!!!
 Fun night with glow sticks and sparklers!!

 Wow!!! Killer shorts!!! 
 All the kids crashed in the boat. That's when you know it was a good day!!
 I sure had fun spending the week in paradise with this dude. Love him so much!!!
 We must think we're hot stuff???

 Q's other nap spot...underneath Grandpa's feet.
 Just keep swimming....

 We love Lake Powell!!!

 Q has an obsession with playing cards. It may have been the highlight of the trip for him!! 
 Heading back to the dock. Goodbye Lake Powell. We will miss you!!  I'm so glad Q and I were able to go and make such fun memories!! Thanks to my awesome husband and babysitters who helped make this trip possible! 
 I was so excited to get home and see Branden and Liam!!! However I came home to this look...Liam was so mad at me for days for leaving him all week.  I had to do some major sucking up:)