Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Happenings

 Forts have been built.

 Q was certain the fort was his bat cave and took looking out for bad guys very serious:)
Dinosaurs have been painted.
Cheese ball!!!
 Q and Bran went to Home Depot one Saturday and ended up going to a class for little kids. Q thought it was a lot of fun.
 Watching clips of the new Iron Man movie coming out. These boys can't wait!!
 I love waking up to this!!
These two are becoming best little buddies. I love watching them interact together. Liam helping/bugging Q while he's playing the Wii.

They are always giving each other high fives. It's pretty darn cute!
 My handsome little man going to school. 
 Spidey loves playing the computer!
 My little brother Logan played on the freshman team for Skyline. We had so much fun watching him this season. He did awesome!! The I-pad was a life saver at most of the games. 
 One time I really lucked out and Q fell asleep. 
 We have had our fair share of sickness. Winter is the WORST!! Q and I caught a nasty bug last week but we had this cute little guy by our side to help cheer us up! 
 Snuggle bugs:)
 We have played in the snow.

 We took a short trip to Salt Lake with my mom to watch my little sister Madi  in a cheer competition. We ate at Little America, Swam in a freezing cold ghetto pool, shopped, and watched some cheerleading!  
 We managed to squeeze in a little shopping while we were there. Doesn't Q look thrilled?! 
Our single stroller made double worked like a charm:) Good thing cause Q was not in the mood for shopping!!
Now we are ready for spring!!!


 We finished our basement a few months ago and we are LOVING it! We spend most of our time in the man cave:) We now have a place to put/hide the stupid amount of toys we have somehow accumulated over the years. 
Here are some before and after pictures.
Family room
It's pretty lucky I know a guy who sells brick!!:) I love how the brick wall turned out!


 bedroom/toy room

 Toy room under the stairs.
I couldn't love our little basement more!!