Monday, July 25, 2011

Quinton's Birthday

On July 14th Quinton turned three years old. I can't believe he is already three. What happened to my baby?! We had a fun filled day and I am one lucky momma to have such a cute little boy!!We went to the movie Cars 2 and then had a little baseball party(his choice)with family and friends. He had a super fun day and is still talking about it.

Q's first movie experience. His favorite part may have been the popcorn and soda.

The party!!! While we were setting up Quinton kept telling me "Mom this is Awesome". Well worth all the work to see him so excited.

The Happy Birthday song. He got a little shy.

The pinata

We got Q a mobigo and I'm pretty sure it is the best $40 I have ever spent. He loves it and will play on it for hours.

The Decor and goodies. I asked Q if he wanted cupcakes or a cake and thanks goodness he said much easier than a cake.

Happy Birthday Quinton!!! We sure do love you!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July

We had a super fun 4th of July. The weekend consisted of a trip to Jackson Hole, Sweet firework show at my parents(we stopped at Alpine on the way to Jackson), Parade, and Fireworks at the river. My parents bought Q this light sword at the fireworks and he thought it was awesome. He thought the fireworks were pretty cool also. When we got in the car to head home all he could say was "That was Awesome. I want to see those fireworks again."
All the kids with their swords

Quinton has been a little bit obsessed with grandma lately. He didn't even sit by Bran and I at the fireworks cause he was to busy cuddling with her and my Dad.

Apparently Grandpa is the perfect seat.

Parade Fun!!! Quinton was interested in the parade for about the first half then he lost interest. Bran went golfing that morning and when he asked Q what he saw at the parade he said "Umm cars." Yep that pretty much sums up the parade.


Here it comes. Ohh the anticipation....

Fireworks out at my parents.

"They go up high like this Mom"

Jackson Hole

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Utah Trip

At the end of June we went to Utah for the weekend and
had so much fun!! We stayed the first night with our good
friends Calyn and Trevor at their time share in Ogden.
They had a super fun pool and slide for the kids. Their
little boy Drake and Quinton had such a good time running
around together. Thank you Petersens for having us. We
then drove to Logan that next day to hear my cousin Chad's
mission farewell talk. After that we headed to SLC and
stayed a night there so we could take Q to Hogle Zoo the
next day. We also went to the Aquarium and to the Mayan
restaurant to eat. Quinton had the time of his life and talked
about that trip for days. When we got home and he said his
prayers that night it went something like "Dear Heavenly
Father thank you for the zoo. Thank you for the monkeys.
Thank you for the dinosaurs. Thank you for the elephants.
Thank you for the giraffes. Name of Jesus Christ Amen."
Pretty darn cute if you ask me!!

Quinton loved the Train at the Zoo

And the Carousal

They had a dinosaur exhibit going on at the Zoo and Q thought that was Awesome!! Quinton's favorite was the little dinosaurs that sprayed him with water. He was not a huge fan of this big one though. His roar was a little much for Quinton. (I can't believe I put this picture on here cause I look absolutely HUGE. 34 weeks pregnant is not the best look for me.)

Can you see the dinosaur??

Eating at the Mayan restaurant. Q thought the divers were pretty cool!!!

Pictures from the Aquarium

He loved the turtles and the Nemo fish

They let you touch the stingray but Q did not want any part of that.

Hanging out at the pool

These two boys are so Cute together. They sure had fun!!!

Water slide pictures. I still can't decided if the look of sheer terror on his face is funny or sad. I was so shocked that Q even attempted the water slide by himself. I did have to walk him up the stairs and send/nudge him down. He only did it twice but I was so proud of him!!

This was his last time going down and I can see why. Pretty sure he hit his head coming out.