Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Days at the Park

We love spending nice spring days at the park. Especially when we have great friends to spend it with!!!
     Q and Drake practicing their soccer skills. They are playing on a soccer team together this fall so they need all the practice they can get:)
 I love this gal!! She has been my very best friend since fifth grade. 
 Liam prefers going down the slides like this....

Cute little Laynie and Liam....
and Drake and Quinton!! We love days like this!!!
 We have a park just a few houses down from ours that we use quite often. It's so nice to have something so close to let the kids burn some energy.


We went to the zoo with our friends a few weeks ago and had a blast!! My kids love the zoo!!
Q with his good buddies Drake and Mason. Cool dudes in their shades!!
 Liam loves animals and was in heaven running around looking at all of them.
 Q with his map....showing us where to go!!
 Liam thought feeding the goats was hilarious!!

 All the kiddos! What a cute group!!!