Sunday, August 25, 2013

Garner ranch

In July we went up to the ranch with my cousins and had a blast!! I have such great memories up there from when I was a kid and it's so fun to see my kids doing the same thing!
We rode four wheelers...

 And played in the creek.

 I love this picture of my Dad and Liam! The ranch is my Dad's favorite place in the whole wide world. Pretty sure he would live there if he could. I have the fondest memories with my Dad here so this kinda melts my heart!!!
 Loved catching up with some of my favorite people! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy 4th

The night before the 4th we went out to my parents house to do some fireworks. The Garner firework show is pretty awesome!!

 The boys playing a little b-ball before the fireworks...Bran showing off his mad skills;) 

 Photo BOMB!!! Haha...yikes!!!

 We were starting to lose Liam and Bran was loving every minute!!!
 The kids thought it was so fun to see the fireworks right above their heads.
 Parade FUN!!! USA! USA!

 Holy CUTENESS.....

 That night we went to the roof of Bran's work with our good friends the Petersens, my dad and my little brother to watch the big firework show. It was delayed for like an hour cause they were searching for a missing person in the river. So sad!!! The kids were so tired and didn't last long. Oh well....
 Calyn and I....sure love this lady!!!

 And they're out.
 Bright flash...haha! They are still adorable! Two of my favorite little people!!!
 The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays! We had such a fun day!!! Happy 4th!!!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Q's tonsillectomy

The week after we got back from Lake Powell Q got his tonsils out. He did so good!! Seriously this kid is a stud!! I was so proud of him!!! The doctor said his tonsils were very large. It now makes sense why the poor kid would always gag while eating meat. 

What a brave little guy!!!
Quinton thought the back of his hospital gown was hilarious! He really liked how everyone could see his star wars undies. Funny boy!!! 
Ready for surgery!!!! He was so calm...I wish I could say the same for myself;)
Q had some great support.
Quinton and Liam loved the after surgery cream cones and Popsicles!!! Now that's a diet I could live on!!:))) Q recovered so quickly. It was almost weird how well he did. I waited and waited  for him to have a bad day and he never did. What a CHAMP!!! He has already gained 2 1/2 pounds since his surgery and is finally eating some meat...WOOT WOOT!!! We are really hoping getting those suckers out will help him gain some weight.
Q had so many family and friends come visit and bring him treats. It made his day when someone would call or come by. Thank you all so much!!!!