Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving In

We moved into our new house a few weekends ago and
it is finally starting to feel like home. We absolutely love
it and could not be happier!! The move went great thanks
to all the help from family and friends. Quinton did pretty
good with the move too. The worst part for him was when
everyone started loading all his toys into the trailer. He
was so confused and started to get a little paranoid. On
the other hand Bran and I slept about four hours our first
night in the new house. I don't know if we were just super
excited or if it was just way to quiet to fall asleep with no
TV on and hardly any neighbors. Living in a townhouse
before we are defiantly used to hearing noises all the time.

View from our back porch. Love it!! I can't wait to spend
summer nights out there!

Right after we moved in Quinton got super sick for
a few days. He was so miserable and I felt so bad for
him. Our first week in the house consisted of many
doctor visits , lots of laundry from the throw-ups, tons of
drives to get Q to fall asleep, long sleepless nights and
worried sick parents. Poor Bran actually worried himself
sick one night. This picture does not do justice to how
this week went for us but you get the idea. I'm so glad he
is feeling better and back to his happy self.

Quinton has already found his favorite spots to play. In
the curtains of course and a little landing on the stairs.

This little spot has become a parking garage for all of
Quinton's cars. It is the perfect little window for him and
he always sits and stares outside especially when I tell
him dad is on his way home!

And this is my favorite part of the house. I have actually
started cooking now! YAY!!

Q and dad dancing!! Quinton sure loves his dad and
always has to be doing what Bran is doing even if that
means breaking out in dance.

Getting ready to help dad in the garage.

Helping dad shovel the sidewalks.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

St. George

Over New Years Quinton and I went to St. George
with my family. Bran was going to be gone all week
in Arizona to go to the Fiesta Bowl with all the boys
so Q and I didn't hesitate to take a little vacation
of our own. We had a great time and Quinton got
tons of attention all weekend which he loved!! My
Grandma and Grandpa Taylor and my Aunt and
Uncles all live in the same neighborhood down
there so we kept plenty busy. We went to an
awesome rec center that had the coolest indoor
swimming pool, we went mountain bike riding
which I was not to sure about but it ended up
being a party, and we had some intense volleyball
games. So FUN!!! Quinton mostly just loved being
outside all day. Why the heck do I live in such a
freezing cold place?! I think I need to move south!!
Speaking of moving. Guess what we are doing this
weekend. Finally moving!! Yay!! I am so excited but
super sick of packing. Oh well it will defiantly be
worth it!!

This is the awesome Rec center we went to. It had a ton of toys and a huge water slide all inside!! Loved it!!

Just doing a little stretching before the big V-Ball game.

I have to say Q was a pretty good team mate!

It was an intense game with a lot of diving going on!!

My little sister Megan showing off her mad
serving skills. Mine didn't quite look like that.
I stuck with the under hand serve. My Jr. High
volleyball skills must have worn off. Thanks Fam
for such a fun trip!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Time

We had a great Christmas and enjoyed every minute
of it. We were super busy and took full advantage of
the break spending time with family. Q got spoiled big
time by Santa and grandmas and grandpas. I think he
was a bit overwhelmed with all his new toys. We went up
to the cabin over the break and enjoyed some snow fun,
card games and yummy food. The weather was
beautiful so we even took Quinton outside for a while
to play around in the snow. He got a sled for Christmas
so Bran pulled us around in that for a little bit and Q
loved it! He wasn't to sure about the loud snowmobile
but once Bran and I were both on it he wasn't going to be
left behind.

Q with Grandpa Kelley.

Christmas Day!!!

On Christmas day we went up to my Grandma Garner's
house to eat and open more presents. My Grandma and
Aunt Susan gave him this cute little trike. Thanks a
bunch Grandma and Susan!

Christmas Morning!!!!! So So FUN!! Q was so excited he
couldn't stop smiling. Loved it!!

I'm pretty sure this basketball hoop was Quinton's favorite toy from Santa. He shoots basket after basket
all day long.

Even I got way more than I deserve. I'm so excited for
my new kitchen aid. Way to go Bran!!

Quinton thought Rocky the talking /dancing truck was

Christmas Eve!!! We always go to my parents on Christmas Eve and play games and open our Christmas PJ's

Q and mom showing off our new PJ's. Thanks mom and

The boys in their Christmas eve jammies!!

Even Bran got a nice pair of Pj's!! HAHA!! The man loves
his coke!!

I just had to post this photo for my Aunt Susan. We
were playing gestures and the word was voice and
this is what my mom and Aunt Susan came up with. I
don' t think anyone guessed it right!! Good try though

Kelley Family Christmas Party!!

Q with Grandma Kelley.

Quinton got the cutest rocking horse from Grandma and
Grandpa Kelley. He absolutely loves this thing!! So Cute!!
Thanks G & G Kelley!!

Hall Family Christmas Party!!

Playing his new laptop for Grandma and Grandpa Hall.
I love the look on his face in the picture below. That just
tells you how excited he was about his new toy. Thanks
G & G Hall!!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy
New Year!!