Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catch up

Q- "Liam grab mom's phone, your gunna wanna record this!"
Haha these two trouble makers crack me up!!!
A few weeks ago Q got the sweetest note in the mail from the primary president. He sure felt special!
 Sleepy guy! Love those little hands placed perfectly on that little face!!

 I love date nights!!! Especially with these cute gals and their hubbys!
Playing with Mollie!! These two are so funny together!
Kindergaten round up!!! How is this possible?!?!:( He is so excited to go to the big school next year but his mom however feels the exact opposite! 

 Semi warm days at the park!!! 


 Cheering on the older boys in a game of basketball in Grandma and Grandpa's shop!!!
 Hot tubbing! Liam was having so much FUN:)))
Once I took his swimming suit off he was fine??? Goofball!!!

 This dude lives on his bike now a days!!! He can finally touch the ground while sitting on the seat!!! YAY! Now he can take off all by himself…Hallelujah!  

Liam is trying his hardest to keep up with Q on his strider!! 
 Q washing the dog. I've tried to make this one of his chores. I'm really bad at making my kids do chores. It just seems like more work for me….re-doing the chores after their done(I'm picky) and nagging them all day to do the chores. UGG! I really need to be better at that!

 Making snakes with play dough! Thanks Grandma!!!

 We love to send Bran selfies when he's out of town.
 We got a membership to the Country Club this year and love spending time up there. This was Q's first time at the golf course and he did great!!! Can't wait to spend summer days on the course!
Bran and I even made it out for nine holes the other night! It was so much fun!!! 

 This is what happens when Mollie runs around in the snow!!! HAHA she grows cotton balls!!!
 Opening day is pretty much a holiday at the Hall house!
 Okay this was so funny!!! Mollie is a hoot! She decided she wanted to join Q in the tub and jumped right in! Q about lost it. He thought it was the funniest dang thing!!!

 Conference time!!!
 Perfect Saturday with cousins. We went to Captain America and then to Orange leaf for ice cream. Love these cute cousins!!!
 Eating Popsicles...So excited it's warming up outside!!
 Liam is OBSESSED with watermelon!!! That's his one request when we go to the grocery store. 
 Hanging with cousin Cody!!! 

 Celebrating my Grandma Garner's 85th birthday! 
 LOVE her!!!
 This is how Liam goes potty. It makes me giggle every time!!!

 Girls night out!!!

 Problem child!!! I really hope my next kid isn't this obsessed with making messes! I caught him just like this. In the sink trying to clean himself up before he got busted!!!

 I got strep throat a few weeks ago and Mollie didn't leave my side. She is a sweetheart!
 My older sister Chelsi had boy number five, count um FIVE join their family on April 27th. Baby Bowman is the cutest and we love him to pieces!!!!
 My cute little spideys!

 Q hanging with his pal Drake after their soccer game.
 So scrumptious…the lil boy and the ice cream!!!
 Uncle Nate came over from Boise to golf and watch the draft with Bran. My kids think he is the coolest!
 Q got to take treats to preschool to celebrate his summer birthday. He was very specific about what kind of treats he wanted to take….Cupcakes with sports rings. Luckily we found some. 
  I'm with Liam…the frosting is the best part!!!

 Sunny days with a diet coke and this view are my fav!!!