Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Family pictures

Back in November I took some pictures of the boys. I think they turned out adorable! I sure love these lil dudes!!!

A big thanks to my sister for snapping these family photos! Love them!

 At the Kelley Christmas party we got some more family pictures taken. Love my family!!!

 The whole clan!

 All the grand kids(Liam was not cooperating) 
 Penni with all her kids...
 and their spouses. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014


We had such a wonderful Christmas!!! I love this time of year and celebrating the birth of our Savior! This year we surprised the boys with a new puppy!!! SO FUN! Bran and I were so excited for Christmas morning we could hardly wait for the kids to wake up. Mollie(our new pup) stayed at my parents house for a few days until Christmas Eve. It was killing me not having her here. We owe Nate and Heather a huge thank you for bringing her to us from Boise and my parents for keeping her at their house for a few days. Having a puppy around is not easy so thank you a million times! 

Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning! The boys were so excited but also a little confused to why there was a puppy sitting there. They had no idea what was going on:)
Santa set up a game area for Q in the toy room. He now has his own TV to play his new video games. He was so HAPPY!!! This little boy is a gamer:) 
Santa brought Liam all things cars and trucks!
And of course Mollie!!! We are so in LOVE! 

Nate and Heather are so sweet! Not only did they drive Mollie five hours to us but they also made a basket for her with all sorts of puppy stuff! Liam was really excited to give Mollie her new toys! 
Present opening time!!! 
The boys exchanging the gifts they bought each other. Seriously so sweet. 

Every manly man has a little white doggy, Right?!?! :)))
After we were done with Christmas at our house we headed out to my parents to have Christmas there. 

Later that night we went up to Rexburg to eat and open more gifts with my Grandma and Aunt Susan. 

My Aunt made DVDs of home videos from when I was a baby to my babies being born. They are so awesome!!! I will cherish these videos forever! Thanks so much Grandma and Susan! 
Love my family!
Meet Mollie…
She is a Havanese. She so sweet and such a little snuggle bug! She is awesome with the kids and is my little sidekick. We love her!

Here are a few pictures of our newest addition. We are obsessed! 

Best buddies!!!