Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 The night before Halloween we had a party with some of our friends. I'm not real sure how I talked Branden into dressing up but I did and we had a great time!! Such a fun group!  
 The kids had a blast playing all sorts of games. Kristie was an awesome host!

 We stole the show…get it cause we're burglars;)
Happy Halloween from Darth Vader and Yoda!!!

 We started Halloween night out by going trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa Garners. Liam HATED his costume, as you can clearly see in this picture!!!

Then we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Hall's house. 
 After visiting grandparents(both kiddos fell asleep on our way to see Grandma and Grandpa Kelley so I didn't get a pic with them) we went to our ward trunk or treat. The kids scored tons of candy!!! It was so cold outside though we didn't last very long! 
Liam was a little happier by this point. Give this kid a sucker and he can endure just about anything:)

 After the trunk or treat Q met up with his cousins to do some more trick or treating. They had a blast!!! 
We had a super fun night! Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Liam is a bit obsessed with choo choos so riding in one at the pumpkin patch was a dream come true:)

 We did a second trip to the pumpkin patch with Q's preschool class. Liam and Laynie totally thought they were one of the big kids:)

Cute kids!
 Getting excited for Halloween...Silly boy!!!
 Pumpkin carving time!!!

Fall fun

Q- "Liam jump I will catch you." HAHA It didn't end so well:)

One weekend while Bran was out of town on a golfing trip the kids and I stayed at my parents. They had a blast helping Grandpa and Q loved watching my little brother Logan and his buddies play basketball for hours. The next day all Q wanted to do was shoot hoops.

Grandpa's little helpers!!!
 Hottie golfer!!!!
 Pringle wasted
 I love how these two always sit so close to each other when they are watching cartoons.
 This was one of Liam's best yet. You can't really see the mess cause it was ALL over the kitchen but he opened 4 boxed of mac n cheese, 2 raman noodles, and 3 things of peas and decided to dump them all over the kitchen. The best part is he did this within a matter of minutes!! URG! This kids is going to be the death of me! When will he grow out of this?!?!

 We loved listening to conference and playing the candy game. Q asks me all the time when conference is coming on again. He loves it which makes me so happy!!! 
This little cutie makes everything in life better!
 I never know where I'm going to find the wild child...
Especially at night!!! He falls asleep in the craziest places. Silly boy!!!
 Homecoming parade! The kids made a haul!!!

 We have the sweetest neighbor kids who are quite a bit older then my kids but always come knock on the door and ask if they can play.  It is so cute! Q adores them!!!
I'm having the hardest time keeping a diaper on Liam. Here he is bringing me his poop filled diaper...YUCK!!! So we take a lot of baths everyday around here. Time to start potty training I guess. I'm just not ready!! I hate potty training!!!
 Poor Q took his worst fall yet. He was riding down a hill on his bike, got going too fast and biffed it. He had an absolute meltdown. It was so SAD!!! He scraped up his whole side and his elbow pretty bad. As soon as we got he bandages on he was just fine. He really wanted me to take his picture to show everyone how tough he was!
 This handsome boy did so awesome in the primary program!! Way to go bud! You made your mama proud!

 Dad tending the kids and getting a back rub:)
 Not many things in life make Liam this happy. He's kindof a health nut!!!