Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fair Fun

We love the E.I.S.F!! We walked around, ate delicious food, and rode some rides. Good times!
Q being silly with Aunt Megan
 People of our favorite things to do at the fair:) 

 This boy is always smiling!!

 Liam loves animals! He thought the little tiny horses were especially awesome.
 Rides courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Garner. Thanks! Sorry about the picture overload here...his faces are priceless.
 Notice Q's hands up on almost every ride. My son is pretty darn cool...

This roller coaster was Q's favorite ride.   

 Happy boy:)
 The little boy's face sitting in front of Q is seriously cracking me up. Poor kid!
 Q was still a little too small to ride most the rides without an adult so I got to go with him on a few. 
 Headed home with cotton candy in hand. Success!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Salt Lake

 Last month we went to Salt Lake for a weekend gateway. We had so much fun! I love little family trips like these. Bran and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary while we were there. I sure love that man!! He is the best husband and Dad. I could not imagine my life without him. I am so happy and blessed to be sealed to my best friend. Happy Anniversary Bran!
We took the kids to the Discovery Center, Hogle Zoo and Temple Square. The kids loved staying in a hotel and swimming for hours on end.  

 Q was a wild man in the pool. Quinton and I would go to the pool while Liam napped with dad. It is actually quite nice Q is big enough to get in the pool by himself. Don't get me wrong, I love swimming just not for hours at a time and multiple times a day:)
 Temple Square

 When we checked into our room we noticed that they forgot to clean our bathroom. I'm not the type to call and complain but it was beyond disgusting. The hotel felt so bad they upgraded us to a bigger room on the top floor. 
During the room change...who needs a luggage cart!?
 Loved the new mall in SLC!! My cute boys let me go shopping for a little bit and were such good sports. 
 The Discovery Center. This was our first time going there and I would definitely go back. Q and Liam absolutely loved this place!
 Vacuuming, dishes, grocery shopping, and pumping gas....sounds like so much fun huh?? I'm hoping he still finds these chores/activities fun when he gets a little older. That would make my life much easier:) The grocery store was Q's favorite! It was so cute how miniature everything was.

 The construction play area....
 Liam getting in on the action.

 They had a fun little area for tiny kids that Liam thought it was a party. 
 Climbing...his all time favorite. This kid was in heaven!

 Making a movie with dad.

 I think I see a future in broadcasting:)
 Hogle Zoo

Liam showing me the Elephants.

 Quinton's favorite was the Polar bear.

 Liam thought the gorillas were hilarious. 

Such a fun weekend! I love my family!!