Sunday, October 6, 2013

End of Summer

Super fun day spent with some of our favorite people at the splash pad in Rexburg. 

 Liam was having so much fun!!

 I didn't see much of this guy cause he was running wild with his good buddy Drake!  
 They went down this slide about a million times!
We couldn't leave without a carousal ride. 
This picture kills me... 
Q and Drake have been best buddies since they were itty bitty. Same carousal four years later!!!
 My cousin Jenny got married in the Logan temple. 
Me and my cute Grandma Garner.

 Go Chuckars!!!

 My cousin Drew's mission farewell. Sure gunna miss this dude! The people of Finland are lucky to have him!

 Movie time=snuggle time:)
 Spying on Dad while he mows the lawn. One of their favorite games!

 Enjoying beautiful and apparently some what romantic sunsets!!!
 Bike rides
 More weddings... My cousin Amber got married in the Rexburg temple. 
Check out these super cute future missionaries!!

 Who doesn't love a girls night?!?!
My kids are too sweet! I've got one rubbing my feet and one sleeping on my chest!! 
 Fun at the park!!!

 Love going on walks with this handsome dude!!!
 Branden and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Sept. 8th. I LOVE this man! He makes life so fun and always has me laughing. I'm so lucky to have him for eternity!!
Dying over this picture I found on my phone... Cutest selfie EVERRR!!! 
Branden's Uncle Lane died in Sept. He was an amazing man who will be greatly missed.  

 Park day with cousins! 

 After a hard day at the playground, ice cream is a must!!!
 Time for a diaper change... Maybe, just maybe!!! 
 Sweet moments I never want to forget!

 Caught these two(mostly just Q) playing outside in the rain with worms!!! Boys are GROSS! Do you see the worm hanging off Q's finger?
 Making the worms a home:)

 Our garden was no good this summer. I'm not sure what happened but the only thing that grew was my tomatoes:( 
 Q enjoying one of the couple beans we got!
 Jeepin!!! The boys love their power wheel. I don't know what it is but I think they look so cute cruising around in that thing. 

 Jammin out to their sweet jeep tunes!!!
 Q decided it was time to teach Liam how to drive. Pretty cute to watch! Q is such a sweet older brother!! 

 These two love to wrestle!!!
 Liam would not stay in his crib at night so we moved him into a big boy bed. He did so good the first few nights but that didn't last. URG!!...not a fun transition!!  
 And this has started to happen!!! What!?!? Where did my baby go? He hasn't actually gone potty yet. He just loves sitting on there and pretending(sound effects included).
Mostly I just find him like this. It looks like he had the right idea but got distracted by that fun white stuff....
Cousins Conley, Slaton, and Lawson's water slide birthday party. 
 SO FUN!!! Q going down with Aunt Mego.
 I took Liam down and...
 had to do a lot of this afterwards. He was a bit terrified. 

Liam felt much better playing on this slide with my Aunt Susan.
 We are so sad summer has come to an end!!!