Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taylor Cabin(Aug. 2014)

Our last summer hurrah!!!

 Mollie loved riding on the boat. 

 This place is my all time fav!!! 

 Q's first time body boarding with Mom. This may not seem like a big deal but for my scarety cat boys it is! I was so proud of him for trying something behind the boat besides tubing! There may have been some bribery involved:)
 These two are so cute together! 
 Liam is a huge fan of the jet ski. 

Swimming lessons(Aug.2014)

 Q did awesome this year in swimming lessons. He is really starting to love the water. He passed his class and jumped off the diving board with no hesitation on the last day. I signed Liam up also but he only lasted about five minutes on the first day and never went back. HAHA! Good thing they gave me my money back. Little stinker!

End of Summer Fun(Aug.-Sept. 2014)

End of summer fun consisted of big waterslides at the Bennetts for Conley, Slaton and Lawson's birthdays.

Liam was not interested in actually going down. He was cool just watching the madness.

 Q on the other hand was loving it. 

 With all these boys there is always some kind of sports game going on. I'm guessing this one was 500 with my Dad. I'm also guessing it ended with someone in tears:) Rough boys!

 After the sun went down it was time for the outdoor movie.
Such a fun night!
 Working on their roping skills with Grandpa:))) Cute lil cowboys! 

Liam's first dentist appointment. He actually did really good which I was not expecting. 

Q on laughing gas at the dentist is one of the funnier things I've experienced in my life. He was a hoot! 

 Go BSU!

 Cute bum where ya from?!?!