Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Quinton

Here's a little post about Quinton. We are starting
to potty train and have spent many
hours sitting in the bathroom. He is wearing
underwear but still has quite a few accidents.
Potty training is the worst!! Not to mention
he has to stripe down to nothing everytime
he sits on the potty. I put a diaper on him if we
leave the house at all. Hopefully he gets it down
soon. Wish us luck!!

Kissy face!?!

One of Quinton's favorite activities is
taking all the pillows off the couch and
jumping into them. This kid is all boy!!

Here are a few things about Q
* He can count to ten.
*He loves sports and tries to copy exactly what they do on T.V.
*He is a little talker and for some reason puts a "T" sound at the end of almost every word.
*He is so funny and makes us laugh everyday!!
*He loves being outside and playing with cousins and friends. He usually asks on a daily basis if he can go to grandma's (ama's) house or Bryler Con's house. (his cousins Bryler and Conley)
*He is obsessed with his cartoons. His absolute favorites are Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ice Age, and Phineas and Ferb. It is actually kind of embarrassing how much he watches these shows. He is even starting to quote them!!
* He is in love with 4-wheelers. The minute we pull into my parents house he says he wants to ride wheeler.
* He kills bugs or spiders he finds in the house with his bare hands. Yeah gross, I know. I even watched him swat a fly the other day. He's pretty quick!!
* I for the life of me can't get him off a bottle. Yes he is 2 and still goes to bed with a bottle. Don't judge me, we are working on it. Any suggestions?
* His favorite things in the world right now are his buzz woody action figures, his toy cars, his basketballs, footballs and baseballs. He is also really into dinosaurs.
* He is a tiny little man but growing up so fast:( We just love him to bits!!!

Here are a few, okay a lot of pictures I took of Quinton at two years old.

Let me know which ones are your favorite. I am having hard time deciding which ones to print out and hang up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We had a great Halloween. We went to Meleluca on
Friday with my cousin, sister and all the kids. We also
took Quinton's pal Drake. It was super fun and the
kiddos got way too much candy. On Saturday we
took Q around to family. It was a beautiful night and Q
had a good time. He was a little grumpy but got a quick
power nap in the car and was pretty happy after that.
This year Q was a cute little gorilla!!

That's a good lookin' bum!! The hips of
his costume were stuffed which made
for a pretty funny back side!

Quinton with Grandma and Papa Garner

Q with Grandma and Papa Kelley. I had to take his
costume off to change his diaper and he refused to put it
back on after that.

Quinton with his cousins and Grandma and Papa Hall.
Check out my nieces costume in the back. Hilarious!!
She was a groom with bridezilla attached to her shoulder.

Next year I think we will try to do a little more
trick or treating cause Q's favorite part was
running up to knock on the doors with his huge
candy bag. I'm pretty sure it weighed more then he does.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!