Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Salt Lake trip

The weekend before school started we decided to take a trip to SLC for one last hooray before summer came to an end!!! I'm so glad we did! We had the best time! I love little trips with just me and my cute little family!
As soon as we got to Salt Lake we went straight to the Discovery Center. We met some of our really good friends(The Backmans) there. They moved to Utah awhile back and boy do we miss them. 

 Krew and Q getting things done!!!
 I think Krew might be second guessing their building methods:)

Aren't they the cutest?!?! Everyone says this is a mini Branden and Jorden. Oh boy Jessica...we might be in trouble!!:))

 My men all decked out in their BSU gear. And no...wearing BSU attire did not help them win their opening game that night!!! 
 Me and Jessica
 Thanks for the fun night Backmans!!! I hope we can do it again real soon!
 We weren't planning on going to Lagoon during our trip but at the last minute we thought it would be kinda fun to try it out. And oh my gosh...SO. MUCH. FUN!!! We seriously had a blast! The kids were in heaven and are still talking about "Ladoon". I haven't been to Lagoon in years and I've never really been into the kids park so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  We were so shocked to see how many kid rides they had. 
It was the perfect day!

 I just had to throw in this beauty...BAHAHAHA!!!
 Liam  thought he was the coolest riding along side his older brother!

 This picture was taken on tidal of Q's favorite rides of the day. This face makes me happy!!!
 The truck ride was of course Liam's favorite. 
I sure love seeing my kids this happy!!!

 In this pic. Bran yelled at Q to ask him if he was having fun on the ride and Q said "yeah but that kid isn't" as he is pointing at the little boy screaming his head off. 
Rattle Snake Rattles (as Q likes to call it ) was his favorite ride of all. Bran and Q went on it multiple times while Liam napped in the stroller.  

We went to Laguna beach for about an hour and then the kids wanted to go back out to the rides. There  just wasn't much for the littles to do in Laguna beach. 

 Overall such a great day! Loved spending it with my adorable little fam!!! We hope to do it again next summer!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Swimming lessons

At the end of Summer Q took swimming lessons again at the Ammon City pool. He had a blast and did awesome! He even passed his class!!! 
Liam watching from outside the gates. He did manage to make a run for it one day into the pool area and he about gave the life guard a heart attack. He is a fast little bugger!!

The last day of swimming lessons is diving board day. Q was so excited about this. He climbed up on the diving board, walked out to the edge and just stood there. He totally froze! The other teacher had to come give him a little help. He liked it afterwards. I guess he just got scared out on the ledge which is funny cause he did it all by himself last summer. He was pretty timid all summer when it came to the water. I'm hoping this phase doesn't last long!
There is a park right next to the pool and everyday after swimming lessons the kids had to go down the slide at least once. Liam followed Q around the entire play ground. Such cute little buddies they are!!!

Liam's cookies and milk party

After we got home from the cabin we had a cookies and milk party for Liam. It was a great night with family!!!

 Liam got this adorable little motorbike from Grandma and Grandpa Kelley. He loves it!! He is not great at the whole steering thing yet but I personally think he loves ramming into stuff at full speed:)

 Happy birthday to you....

 Happy birthday Liam!!! We love you to bits!!! We are so lucky to have you in our family. You definitely keep us on our toes and we LOVE it that way! 
At two years old....
favorite food-noo noos (noodles)
favorite toy- Twacks (trucks)
Favorite show- Mickey Mouse
Favorite things to say- "what you doing" "mom, mom, mama, mommy" ALL day long "dad(tintin)(mom) where are you" He is quite the talker now a days. Its the cutest!!!
Loves to wrestle, play with his trucks, play outside, take baths, read books, make messes, and play basketball.
Dislikes are staying in his bed, being in his car seat and people getting in his personal space.
He his a tiny little man coming in at a whooping five percent on the charts for his two year old check up. (at least he is on the charts!!)
He wants everything Quinton touches which results in a lot of fighting lately...URG!!! It's a good thing Q is so sweet and usually gives in to him. 
He never holds still and always walks on his tip toes. 
He's a runner which makes for some super fun grocery shopping...NOT!!!
He is the cutest, busiest, funniest, and most the time sweetest two year old around!!!
Thanks to everyone for the presents, money, calls, and birthday wishes. We love you!