Monday, August 27, 2012


We played softball again this summer and had a blast. We didn't win too many games. I think we ended up winning excatly half. We must have been rusty from taking a year off:) Our team was so much fun! I Loved it! Can't wait till next year!

It is so nice to take a break and spend the night playing softball with my handsome hubby. Thanks to my parents and Branden's parents for always helping out with our kids and being our cheerleaders.

My cute sisters and I

Way to go team Taylor Chevrolet!!


We had the Taylor Family reunion in July at the cabin. We always look forward to this weekend. We spent everyday on the was heaven. I do have to document that it was my first attempt at starting of the dock skiing and I finally got it. I was pretty excited. I love the cabin and I love my family!!

Q being silly.

Captain Bran...

Cool dude!

Q is the official flag holder.

If you look close enough you can see Q giving the faster sign. ATTA BOY!

We played Bunco one night and had some good laughs.

We celebrated Q's forth birthday. I forgot to buy a cake before we left(I'm such a horrible mom) so this cinnamon roll had to make do.

I let Q open a few of his presents on his actual birthday and then we saved the rest for his party.

Playing some cabin style tic tac toe.

My poor mom broke her tibia and fibula during the reunion. She smacked her leg into the dock and broke it in two places. I felt so terrible for her. She is one tough cookie though. She was on crutches for like three weeks and then in a boot for about another three weeks. She is just now starting to get back to normal life. It sure ruined her summer:(

All the great grand kids that were there...

plus the moms. My cousins are so much fun!

It was a wonderful weekend. There really is nothing better than life on the lake!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Q ready to go to his first T-ball practice.

Showing Dad how to catch.

Quinton played T-ball this summer and he LOVED it! Branden and I weren't going to put him on a team this summer cause we thought he was still too little but I'm so glad we decided too. He ended up playing on his cousin Cody's team. Branden and Uncle Justin ended up coaching the team which I absolutely loved. It was so fun watching Bran coach his little boy! Q did so good and I'm so proud of him!! Most of the kids on his team were five and he was only three so he looked so tiny out there but kept up well with all the older kids. What a STUD!

Q and cousin Cody...see what I'm saying about the size difference:)

Some pictures from his first ever T-ball game. His games started the beginning of June(so yes it was freezing outside his first couple of games) and went until the middle of July. He had games
twice a week and he was so sad when it was over.

Real men wear pink especially while playing baseball.

Down and ready...So cute!

The games were pretty humorous to watch. It was mostly just a lot of diving going on.

He had to wear his Braves hat to every game.

Hopefully this is the first of many years I get to watch Bran coach his sons.

First time batting. His tiny little legs don't go very fast:) Run Q Run!!!

A few more pictures from the rest of the games.

little buddies...

Getting better and faster:)

Last game of the summer. The coaches handed out trophies at the last game. Quinton thinks it is so cool and has it sitting on his night stand. Way to go Pirates!!!

Last time batting. Yeah I took way too many pictures:)

Team photo

Q had so much fun playing T-ball and can't wait till next summer!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Super Q turns Four

Q turned four on July 14th. We were actually at the cabin on his birthday so we ended up having his party a couple days after his birthday. He was okay with it cause he got to party all week long! These were his party invites that we sent texts to everyone...Calling all Superheros!!

His party was a major hit. It turned out so cute and the kids had a good time. Quinton absolutely loved it!!

A few pictures of the decor that kept me busy all week.

Super hero POPS....

The cupcakes...

POP corn, ring POPs, and doughnut POPs...

A few of the other things were POP rocks, sour PUNCH straws, rice krispy POPs, wonder woman LASSOS, and super hero PUNCH(drinks)!!

We had the kids pick out a mask of their favorite superhero to wear when they arrived. They loved running around in their masks pretending to be superheroes. Pretty darn cute...

Boys will be boys!

Q was in heaven opening all his gifts. Most of them having something to do with superheroes so you can only imagine how excited he was!

One of Quinton's friend's mom made three adorable capes for Q that he wears ALL the time. He had to put one on as soon as he opened it....

And act the part.

He also got a new bike from Mom, Dad and Liam.

The kids got loaded up on sugar.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you...


It wouldn't be a party without a pinata.

That's the cutest Captain America I've ever seen!

Mom and Dad with the birthday boy. (aka Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk)

I can't believe I have a four year old. I love this little boy more than words can say. He is such a happy and funny kid. He is the best big brother to Liam. I am so blessed to be his mom! Happy Birthday Q!!