Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mother's Day

 I am so blessed to be the mama of these two boys. I love them so much!! Branden was out of town on Mother's Day so he made me feel extra special the weekend before he left:) 
(Sunday before Mother's Day)
My boys know me all to well... 

 Q filled out this Mother's Day questionnaire and I thought it was hilarious. Maybe my love for laundry will make me better at it;)
 He also make me a pretty flower necklace!!
 I got some flowers sent to me while Bran was out of town from Quinton and Liam. My hubby is a thoughtful man!
 Happy Mother's Day!! I can't even begin to explain how much I love being a mommy to these crazy boys. I'm pretty lucky!!! We had a wonderful day visiting some awesome moms!!
 I have the greatest mom everrr!! Love her!!
 And my Mother-in-law is pretty much amazing. Love this lady!!!
 My mom with all her kids!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms in my life. I love you all!!!


 Q had his last day of Preschool this month. He loved school and is so sad it's over. On his last day they had the parents come watch a slide show of pictures from throughout the year. It was adorable! He adored his teacher Miss Kymm and he can't wait to go back for one more year of preschool next year. 
 I really wish this sweet boy would stop growing up so fast:(
 Q with his best buddies on their last day. 
The week before he finished school his class took a field trip to Reeds Dairy. I got to and help out and it was so fun! They looked at the animals, played games and of course ate some ice cream. 
I love this picture....These boys are such good buddies!!
 Q and Tavrie(this may be Q's first crush). Don't ask him about her cause he gets really shy and giggly. Too funny!!! 
 Q with his entire class. 

 Liam's favorite part of the day was picking Quinton up from preschool. He would get so excited every time he saw Q walk out and would start yelling "TINTIN". I think he likes his older brother!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Once again the kids loved listening to conference while playing the candy game. Best idea EVER! Thank you  pinterest!! I can't believe how well it keeps their attention:)  

 Afternoon pick me ups at our favorite go to spot....Sonic!!!
 Enjoying that glimpse of sunshine!!

 My poor kids have inherited my healthy eating habits! We eat our fair share of ice cream around here:)
 Sometimes Q watches TV like this.
 Loving the cute new colt at Grandma and Grandpas.

 He even let Q the horse whisperer pet him. AWE...Isn't he adorable?!
 LOVE my boys!! I'm so blessed!
 We made roads out of tape to help pass by a cold day. The kids loved it for about 30 minutes....

 Q and I had some sleepovers while Dad was out of town....
 complete with new star wars jammies, popcorn, and a movie. What would I do without my little side kick?!?

 Q was the star student at preschool and got to take snacks to share with his classmates. We decided to make these adorable butterfly treats. It was fun cause Q actually got to help make them. He painted all the clothes pins and curled all the antennas. 
(I spy a little head popping up to try and help. Haha Liam always wants in on the action.)
 Good job Q!!!
 I think they turned out so cute! Thanks to Quinton of course...
 Messy boy. Story of his life!!
 The closer you get your face to the food the faster you can inhale it. It makes sense...
 Liam loves to climb on anything tall and dangerous that could possibly injure him if he fell off. It's a really fun game.
 He has an obsession with this orange truck right now. He carries it everywhere and even takes it to bed with him. 
We can only hope he gets musical talents from his mama;)
 Bath time and basketball....two of Liam's favorite things. He would live in the bath tub if I let him. 

Liam is now 20 months old. He is a tiny little dude( my poor itty bitty boys) put he definitely makes up for it with his personality. At his 18 month check up his weight was 19.2 and his height was 30 1/2 in. Some of Liam's favorite things right now are basketball, cars, candy(he's in the candy drawer nonstop), playing with/copying his older brother, wrestling with dad, playing outside, getting tickled, climbing, and making messes(still). He is such a funny little boy and is so different from Quinton. Its crazy how opposite your kids can be. He is getting better at sitting still and watching a cartoon but would rather be running around exploring. His vocabulary has gotten so much better. It's so fun hearing him learn to talk. He loves eating  most things but his favorites right now are corn, peas, spaghetti, mac and cheese, and cookies(Oreos). This boy puts a smile on our face. We love him to pieces!!

Q's buddies

Q loves playing with his friends!! He asks me every single day if he can play with them and gets so excited when I say yes. It's so fun to see him building these friendships:)

Q and Drake searching for bugs with their magnifying glass.
 Q's preschool buddies. These little dudes have so much fun together!!

 Q sure misses his friend Krew since they moved to Utah:( Hopefully they will see each other soon.
 Quinton having a sleepover with his cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He LOVES his cousins!!!
 These two are so sweet together and have such a special bond. I love it!!!
 Brotherly love....

 Quinton is our little snuggle bug and we take full advantage!! If you ask Q who his best buddy is he will say  Dad every time:)
 I like to think I'm pretty high on the list too:))) Love you Q!!