Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tis the Season

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! 
Bran on the ladder hanging up Christmas lights…yikes!!! He hasn't had the best of luck on those things;) He takes extra precautions now a days…hence the basketball hoop!!!
 Eddie the elf came!!! He brought the boys some new Christmas jammies. They were so excited!!!

 I love the joy on their faces every morning when they find Eddie. 


 The boys especially loved Eddie dressed up as spiderman!!!

The car line up was Liam's favorite!!
We have been through the ringer so far this winter! Is it summertime yet?!?! Having sick kiddos is so sad!
 We love watching Christmas movies! 
We introduced Home Alone to Q this year and he LOVED it!! This video cracks me up! Merry Christmas ya filthy animal:)
Helping Dad shovel the driveway!
Q had a Christmas party at Preschool and looked who showed up!!! He was pretty excited!

 Making chocolate houses!
Even this guy got into the Christmas spirit! I about died when I saw him dressed like this headed to work...so festive!!!

 Mailing letters. Hopefully that Santa guy comes through:)


Q had a Thanksgiving program at school. Liam was sick that day so I stayed home with him while Bran went and watched Q.
Q said he was thankful for mom and dad…Awe!!! He melts my heart! Love that boy!!!

On Thanksgiving Day we went out to my parents for dinner. It was a wonderful day spent with loved ones. I have so much to be thankful for….especially my lil family!!! Love them!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Around here...

 I bet my lunch date is cuter than yours. 
 Liam's trucks are always being put to good use!!!

 My little sister Megan had lots of handsome dates on her birthday!
 My little gamers! Liam doesn't like losing. 
Q takes his math flash cards very seriously!!! Liam is great moral support!
Snow day!!! Q was outside all day building snow forts and sledding with the neighbor kids. Ahhh…to be a kid again!!!
Q has no mercy when it comes to playing ticket to ride. Notice his one yellow train right there in the middle blocking my route. Well played Q, well played!!!
 I love finding my kids asleep in random places. I think it's so cute! Playing with toys can flat wear a guy out!
 This picture is my fav!!!
  We've been doing a lot of this….
I'm so proud of this little guy! He is ROCKIN this whole potty training thing!!
Haha that pose...Watch out Calvin Klein!!!

 Q and I came home to find Bran and Liam passed out. Seriously melts my heart!!!
 The boys have a new favorite game.
 Liam has an obsession with this Boise state beanie. He wears it all day long. Such a goof!!!
 Getting snuggles from this boy fresh out of the bath tub is heavenly!!!  
"Mom I don't like doing this anymore" -Q
That's exactly how I feel after about 10 min. of working out too buddy;) 
Sick season is back…URG!!! I hate it! Having sick kids is the worst! Hopefully we stay healthy through the holidays!

Girls trips

Back in October we took a girls trip to Salt Lake for the weekend. I love these girls! We had a blast shopping, eating out, checking out the witches at Gardeners Village, laughing and just relaxing. We had a blast!

 I was able to go on another girls trip(my hubby is the bomb) in Nov. with my mom and sisters. They are the best!!! Loved every minute! Seriously I'm a lucky lady to have such an awesome mom and sisters! They are my best friends!!!