Monday, August 30, 2010

Sad Day

Yesterday Betsy passed away. It was a sad sad day and
we sure are going to miss her. My family got Betsy when
I was a senoir in High School and when Mosley died
(mine and Branden's first dog after we got married)
Betsy came to live at our house to help me get my mind
off Mosley. She lived with us before I had Quinton and for
about a year after he was born so Bran and I consider her
our dog. She was the funniest dog I have ever meet and
wasn't even really like a dog but more like a loud
breathing little old man that roamed our house. She
adored Quinton from day one. When we moved Quinton
into his own room we would be laying in bed and all the
sudden hear Betsy breathing through the monitor. She
would have slept by Q's crib every night if we would
have let her. She was a very easy going dog who loved
getting pet, shaking her bum in your face when you
would stop, pretending to be a lap dog, Chasing the
4-wheeler, and of course her lover the wheel borrow.
Yeah she was a goof!! We will miss Besty so much and
never forget all the good laughs she gave us!!!

This is the last picture I got of Quinton and Betsy together
a few weekends ago the the cabin.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Summer Fun

We have had so much fun at Rigby Lake this summer.
Quinton loves that place!! We went with my sister and
her kids and we have also been there with my friend
Jessica and her cute little boy Krew. I have never been
to Rigby Lake until this summer and now we can't get
enough of it. It is the perfect place for little kids. Quinton
was a little timid about getting in the water at first but once
his older cousins got in he followed right behind them. He
also was not a huge fan of the sand on his bare feet. He
must have his hands and feet clean at all times.

Q doing a little stretching before hitting the water.

The kids loved playing in the sand.

Cute little Krew

A few weekends ago my cousin came into
town so we all went up to the ranch to ride
4-wheelers, roast hot dogs, swim in the creek,
and ride horses. We had a great time and
Quinton loved playing with his cousins.

Our intense Volleyball game in the creek.

Bran was playing in a golf tournament that weekend so he
wasn't able to make it. That would be why he is not in the photo.

Quinton was cracking us up in these shrubs. He was
striking poses and everything. What a goofball!!

Riding old Grey. Q's first time riding on a horse.

My cousin Kaleena, my little sister Megan, me, and my
older sister Chelsi

Quinton with my aunt Sandra

Playing in the water(apparently with cows)
and exploring with cousin Conley

My parents bought these for me and my sisters when
we were little and now our kids feel the same
way about them as we did. They absolutely love them!!
Quinton hasn't driven one by himself yet but I'm sure
there will be plenty of that in the future. Good times!!