Wednesday, November 5, 2014

4th of July

Fourth of July fun!!! I love this holiday and I love this country!!!

Parade time!!!

 After the parade we had a BBQ in Rexburg and then we headed to the fireworks later that night. We had the perfect setup this year. My Dad parked his semi by the river at a truck stop a few days before hand and we enjoyed the fireworks on the trailer. We didn't have to deal with the crowds and we got home 20 min. after they were over. LOVED IT! It was another successful 4th!

Taylor Reunion

This year for the Taylor Family reunion my grandparents decided not to go to the cabin(the family is just getting too big) so instead we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Rexburg and had a movie night outside(July 3rd) and then the next day(July 4th) we had a BBQ and played in their pond. It was fun getting to see everyone and catching up. I did miss not being at the cabin though, we always have a blast there. 

Movie night

 Playing in the pond. The kids had a great time! A water fight broke out and many adults ended up in that pond too...Luckily I didn't get thrown in!!!

Jackson Hole

Every year my family takes a day trip to Jackson Hole right before the 4th of July to buy fireworks. We always have so much fun! I really hope this tradition never ends! We stocked up on fireworks, went to lunch and wondered around Jackson Hole. 
My CUTE Mom and Sisters!

 We always have to get a picture in front of the famous Jackson Hole arch…Missing Branden. The only day that worked to go was on a Sunday and Bran couldn't miss church that day. 

Jr. Golf

Q played jr. golf at the club this summer and loved it! I couldn't believe how much he improved! I was so proud of him! He got to play in a scramble and took first place! What a STUD!!! His team even got a trophy that is displayed in the clubhouse. He felt pretty darn special!