Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Update

Quinton had his first trip to the dentist last week. He was really excited to go and did pretty good. He only cried for a minute. He thought the movie on the ceiling was awesome. Thank heavens no cavities or spots yet and he only has four more baby teeth to come in. This was quite the step for me and realizing my little baby is now a big boy. Do I really have a kid old enough to go the dentist!?!

All ready and excited to go to the dentist

Watching Despicable Me on the ceiling.

When there is a nice day outside we take full advantage. Quinton's new favorite past time....playing baseball!!! Q watches a lot of baseball with his daddy and mimics every move the players on the TV make. It is super CUTE!! My boy loves his sports!

I love seeing Q and Bran play together. It melts my heart!!

Quinton and his cousins had a little birdhouse painting party while my mom, sister and I made car seat covers for the new babies. My older sister is due 2 weeks after me. I am so excited our little boys will be so close in age. Q was so proud of his finished birdhouse and talks about it nonstop.

At the beginning of the month Bran and I got to live my dream!! I am a HUGE George Strait fan and he came to SLC with Leanne Womack and Reba so Bran bought us some tickets. What a sweet husband I have. The concert was so awesome and Bran was a great sport acting like he was enjoying himself when really the guy had no desire whatsoever to see George Strait!! We had so much fun together and it was so nice to spend some time with just the two of us, holding hands all weekend and actually having adult conversations is really quite nice sometimes. Thanks Bran for an awesome weekend!!

Love Him!!

This is a super cute video of Q singing Book of Mormon Stories. He loves to sing and should make quite the addition to the primary choir next year!!! His favorite songs to sing are You got a friend in me(Toy Story), Somewhere beyond the sea(Nemo), Popcorn popping, BOM stories, Money song(Zach Brown Band), I'm Bad (Micheal Jackson/Megamind) and the Phineas and Ferb song.

P.S. He says cheese puffs at the beginning cause he thought I was taking his picture instead of recording him singing. Cutie Pootie!!

As for me and the pregnancy goes everything is going good besides the fact I am getting huge and started having major Braxton Hix contractions! I am 25 weeks today and only have 3 months to go. Yay!! Can't wait! Pregnancy is not for me!! I definitely don't ever feel like I'm glowing and it seems like everyone around is getting skinner and I am getting fatter and fatter everyday. Not a good feeling for me!! Bran is on a health kick and works out every night while my oompa-loompa self sits on the couch and watches him. Did he really have to choose this point in his life to get fit. I am so happy for him!! Anyway I will stop complaining now and just be grateful that I have a baby boy who will be here shortly!!