Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mesa Falls

While we were at the cabin we drove down to Mesa Falls. Okay I have never been here before and it was absolutely beautiful. I can't believe with all the times I have been to Island Park no one has ever told or taken me to this place. I loved it. If you are ever close by you have to stop and see it. Quinton thought this bear was pretty awesome.

Cabin Fun

We went to Island Park over the Memorial weekend and spent some time with family. We first made a stop at Penni and Greg's cabin where Quinton got to test out the swing and ride around on the four wheeler,which he thought was a party. He had to sit in front were he could see or he would get pretty upset. Bran and I took him on a ride in the evening and it was kind of cold so I tried to sit him in between us and he just leaned over the side the whole time to watch where we were going.
My Grandma and Grandpa Taylor just got done adding onto the cabin and it turned out so good. I can't believe it's even the same cabin. Crazy! I have so many fun memories here and I'm sure Quinton will too. I just love this place. The view of the lake in the back. I was so shocked there were actually people out on the lake boating. I must be a very fair whether boater cause you could not pay me to get in that freezing cold water. Quinton and Olivia taking a bath at the cabin . The other day I was looking through a photo album and saw this same picture of when I was little taking a bath with all my cousins at the cabin. Funny how times change.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Every year since Bran and I have been engaged we have played on a coed softball team in the summer and fall. Pretty sure it has kind of become the highlight of our summers. I was seriously so sad last summer when I couldn't play because I was pregnant. Apparently I love city league softball. For the first few years we played with some of Bran's co-workers but this year we decided to put together our own team. We have only had one game so far and we WON. Yay!!! I was so proud of us. Way to go team! This picture was taken after a hard gruesome game so don't look to close and we have ordered shirts (yeah we don't mess around) but we haven't gotten them yet so I will take some more pics. later to show them off.
The Team- Mike and Shaylee(my cousin), Colten and Tami, Calyn and Trevor, JC and Megan(my little sister and her boyfriend) and Bran and I. We love our team and had such a good time on Monday night. Thanks guys its going to be a fun summer. Our fan club- Olivia, Quinton, Caden, and Drake. We had quite the fan base with all the little kids plus all their grandparents to help watch them. What would we do without grandmas and grandpas.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh the places I can go

Quinton has officially started crawling. This little boy has all the sudden become a little terror around the house. I swear I can't take my eye off of him for two seconds without him getting into something. I guess its time to child proof my house. He has also been pulling himself up on to things to stand. I'm quite surprised he is not a walking bruise at this point with all the times he has fallen over.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Laundry with Dad

The other night Quinton and I were upstairs doing laundry when Bran decides to come up and help/play. So this is now what laundry has turned into(rides around the house in the basket). Thank you Bran!! haha I love how Quinton is holding onto the sides for dear life.

Bryler's Birthday

My nephew Bryler had his third birthday a few weeks ago and had the cutest superhero party. He is seriously the sweetest little boy I know. He got his very own power wheel which I'm pretty sure is every kids dream, or maybe it was just mine when I was little but they looked so cute cruising around in that thing. I just love those little guys to death.
Me and Bryler
The birthday boy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Krew

Our good friends Jorden and Jessica Backman had their little baby boy on Sunday night so we headed down to Pocatello the next day to meet little Krew. He is so so cute and so precious. I had a hard time handing him back to his parents. Geez I guess I'm ready for baby #2 (haha Bran would kill me if he read that). Congrats Jorden and Jessica he is prefect and I can't wait till Quinton and him get a little older and become good buddies. Little baby Krew
Quinton and Krew. Now that just sounds like trouble. I couldn't believe how big Quinton was compared to Krew. It's crazy how fast they grow.

Girls Getaway

This last weekend we took a short trip down to Utah. We had such a great time shopping, getting massages, eating out, laughing, getting hair cuts in the hotel room at midnight, and just spending time together. I absolutely love my mother and sister in laws. They are some of the funniest women I know. Love you girls and thanks for such a fun weekend.
So Nikol got her hair done at a salon in Boise and they totally fried off her bangs. It was so bad the other Nicole decided to buy some scissors at a beauty supply store we found and attempt to fix it. It turned out way cute. Way to go Nicole. Quinton watching the festivities from the bed.