Saturday, May 2, 2015

Big Sky(July 20, 2014)

We had so much fun in Big Sky for the week!!! My parents have a time share there and we used to go all the time growing up. I haven't been back for years and it was just as fun as I remember it as a kid. We left on Sunday and stayed till Friday. We left a little earlier than everyone else cause we had plans to be at the Hall cabin that Sunday. Crazy busy but super fun few weeks!!!

The boys had a blast together. I love that my kids are so close to their cousins. It was a wild condo with seven boys!!!
We went on lots of beautiful hikes,  loads of swimming , activities at the ski resort and exploring the outdoors….every little boys dream!
Ousel Falls hike…so fun!!! We packed a lunch and ate it by the falls.

 We rode the tram up to the top of the mountain and enjoyed some pretty spectacular views!

 Swimming at the condo.

 Q's diving skills are fantastic:)))
 There was a lake at our condo too that had all sorts of fun toys to play on. Paddle boarding was our favorite!
Slaton, Grandma and Liam
 It also had a beach and  Liam was more than content hanging out there. 

 Q attempting to take me for a ride on the paddle board. 
 It didn't last long:)
 Awe! That view!!!

Selfies with Aunt Madi
 We did our fair share of stunting in the pool. 
Q's goggles are cracking me up!!!

 More hiking!

I have some cute little hiking buddies!!!

 I seriously couldn't stop taking pictures…it was just so pretty everywhere!!!
 Exploring around the condo. They were on a mission looking for animals. Glad they didn't come across any.

 Playing horse shoes

 Liam playing with baby Bo!
 We spent a day at the ski resort doing all sorts of fun activities like jumping on the tramp, mini golfing and riding the tram. The older boys also did a big swing/zip line thing. It was super fun!

 Tired crazy haired boy!!!

 Two foxes just chillin out our back door. 

Q turns 6

Happy 6th birthday to this cutie! We had a fun day celebrating ninja turtle style!!! He had a party at Blast Off with all his buddies and cousins. It was a great day!!! Love this kid more than words can say! 

His cute invites...

 I can't believe I have a six year old. 

 Cute ninja turtles running wild around Blast Off. I forgot to get a picture of all the kids before everyone left. Q has quite the group of buddies. They are such a fun group of boys!!! 
 Since Q turned 6 he was finally able to play laser tag. Definitely a highlight of the day. He was a happy boy. 

 Present time!!!

 Happy birthday Quinton! You are the sweetest, coolest and funniest kid I know. We love you to bits and can't imagine life without you. You make me want to be a better person. Thanks for being the best little boy and older brother! You make your Mom and Dad proud.