Saturday, September 18, 2010

Branden's Surgery

Last Saturday Bran was hanging shelves in our garage and
the ladder slipped and he fell and hit his nose on the concrete
foundation. He broke his nose,his septum and damage his
sinuses. So in other words he absolutely shattered his nose.
He had surgery yesterday and everything went well. The
doctor said it was actually worse then he thought so his
surgery took twice as long(1 1/2 hours) We were at the
hospital from 1pm to 9pm. Talk about a long day and the
doctors say it will be one long week. Poor Guy:( I feel so
terrible for him. Hope he has a quick recovery. Love you Bran!!

Before the surgery....

During..... Well obviously not actually during but right before they put him under.

After the surgery(worst part) .......Isn't this the saddest
picture you have ever seen? He has two splints stitched
inside his nose and that one brace thing on the outside of
his nose to hold everything in place. He has to wear the
mustache looking thing just for blood drainage. He is in
quite a bit of pain but hopefully he starts to feel better

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Cabin Fun

We had a super busy August so now its
time to play catch. Before the Hall cabin
we went to the Taylor cabin with my
family. We had so much fun!! I love that

Quinton and Betsy Girl. (sniff sniff)

Quinton and Conley watching Uncle Dustin cook on the
grill. By the look on their faces those must have been
some intense flames.

Me with my cute sisters!!

Quinton and Dad going for a little ride!!

Q loves tubing!!

My cute nephews Conley and Bryler.

Bran catching some air!!

And yes I have got some pretty sweet moves of my own!!
I haven't knee-boarded in forever but we had a blast
double knee boarding this trip!! Good times!

My mom insisted on taking her son-in-laws on a tube
ride. Bran's face is priceless but I guess I have no room to
talk mine is way worse in the the picture above. Yikes!!

Thanks Fam for another super fun weekend!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

4 years

On Sept. 8th Branden and I celebrated our 4 year
anniversary. I can't even begin to tell you how much I
love this man. I am one lucky lady to be sealed to him
for eternity. Happy four years Bran. I love you!!!

From This.....

To this...and I could not be happier!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hall Cabin

Last month we took our yearly trip to the
Hall cabin and had a blast. It was a little cold
a few of the days but we still had fun none the
less. Quinton loved playing with all his cousins.
The highlight of the trip for him was going on
4-wheeler rides. He is seriously obsessed
with those things. All we heard out of his
mouth the whole time was I wanna ride
wheeler. The highlight for me was watching
my niece London dance on the tube. Funniest
dang thing I have ever seen. I didn't get any
pictures of it but it was a classic!!

Q loved playing with Nate and Heather's
dog Fargus.

What an unreal pretty place!!

All the Grand kids

Building sand castles with dad

Intense water weenie ride. (Nikol, Bran, and Nate)

Riding the 4-wheeler with cousin Malone.

The kids playing in the TP they made.

Branden and his brother Justin

Bran went for a late night wake boarding
ride. It was so cold but that doesn't stop
a die hard like my hubby!!

Malone and I eating some HUGE smores!!

Blow Jake blow!!

Branden's dad always takes us into
West one night to eat and to let the kids
hit up the candy store. Thanks everyone
for another fun year at the cabin!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We sold our townhome today. YAY!!! We were so happy
to finally get it sold but it was also a little sad to say goodbye.
We had some great memories in this house.

Quinton and Branden waving goodbye.

You can't tell Bran is excited can you?
What a relief!!