Friday, June 25, 2010

Salt Lake

A few weekends ago we went to Salt Lake for a couple
of days. We had a great time. We went shopping,
swimming, and then took Quinton to the Hoogle Zoo. We
kind of picked a bad weekend to go cause the
weather wasn't very nice but we sure didn't let it ruin our

Quinton loved the Zoo!!

My boys!!!

I did notice my camera had a awful lot of this face on it.

We sure didn't miss out on checking out the pool. I do love Hotels!!!

Some kissing did take place in the pool. So CUTE!!

Yay to a fun weekend!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boise and Birthday

Happy 24th Birthday to me!! My family took my mom
and I out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. My
mom's birthday is the day after mine so we always get
to share our birthdays together. So fun!!!

Me and my cute siblings!!(plus Conley)

My older sister Chelsi threw us a little party and even
made me my favorite kind of cake. Greatest
sister in the whole wide world. Thanks Chelsi!! These are
just a few pictures from that night.

Happy Birthday to this lovely lady. Pretty sure I have the
cutest mom ever!!

Over Memorial weekend we were able to go to Boise and
see a few concerts and hang out with family. We had such
a great time. One of the nights I got to go see Carrie
Underwood with my sister in law Heather who I
absolutely love. Thanks Heather for taking me to one of my
favorite singers!! I love Carrie Underwood even more
now that I have seen her live. She is Amazing!!!

And then Bran and I got to go see the Eagles concert. We
had so much FUN!! I thought I was only going to know a
few songs they sung but surprisingly I pretty much knew
every single song. These guys were so awesome
live and I loved every second of it even though I'm pretty
sure Bran and I were the youngest couple at the concert.
Thanks Bran for taking me. We definitely made some great
memories!! And also thank you Nate and Heather for
watching Q that night!! We owe you big time!

Bran's sister and her husband and Bran's mom and step
dad also went to the concert.

The Eagles biggest fans!!!

Quinton also had a good time. Nate and Heather live right
across from a park and swimming pool so that kept Q
pretty darn happy. I could not for the life of me keep him
inside though. They have a little doggy door and Q quickly
figured that thing out. Is it sad he can fit though that little
tiny door?

Quinton made a new best friend while we were there. He
loved Nate and Heather's dog!!