Monday, July 27, 2015

Megan's baby shower

My Mom, my sisters and I threw my little sister Megan a baby shower. It was a super fun day and Mego is the cutest Mama to be!
We had a little too much fun decorating with all this PINK! Something we are obviously not used to:)

Liam's 3rd birthday

Happy 3rd birthday to this handsome fella! We love this wild child more than words can say! 
He was so excited about his trucks party.

 This kid makes my heart happy. SOOO glad he belongs to us!
 G&G Kelley couldn't come to his party that night so they took Liam to lunch at McDonalds. Such a fun day! 

Hall Cabin

July 27, 2014
 Hebgen Lake AKA Heaven Lake!!! This place is absolutely amazing!!! I'm so thankful for the awesome memories that are made here every summer. We love it. Like a lot.

 Max and Malone brought their guns and gave us a quick shooting lesson. The boys loved it! 
 Check out that concentration:)
 Bran is hard core…especially in that cat shirt. 
Nicole bought all the kids cat shirts this year…yes cat shirts. Well Malone wasn't going to be caught dead in the one he got so Bran stole it and would not take the dang thing off. HAHA! Those cats were starring into my soul all week…SOOO creepy.

 How great is this pic?!?! These two are so much a like it's scary:)

 Bran and I even got to go to Les Mis one night without any kids. It was such a great play! LOVED it!!! 

 Some of my favorite dudes right there! 
 Flag fighting

 Wow. Just wow.  I seriously laugh more in the one week at the Hall cabin that I do all year. It's a non stop party!!!
 This view never gets old.

 Don't let that smile fool you...Liam was not a fan of the tube. He cried the whole time. 
 Q taking me for a ride on the 4-wheeler. 

 This picture cracks me up. Q sitting in the boat while cousin Cody does all the work. 
 Dinner in west with G&G Hall 
And then the candy store of course

Best week of the year!