Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jazz/Thunder Game

Last week we took a last minute trip to Utah to watch the Jazz/Thunder game. We had a super fun night and we were pretty excited to see the Thunder win:)

 Kevin Durant is pretty awesome!!
 My brother in-law had a client who was trying to get rid of six tickets so we went with my mom, my dad, and my little brother and sister. 

Thanks for the fun night everyone! It was a blast!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sweet Sunshine

We finally had a couple nice days and we tried to spend all day outside.

 Sunny days usually end with a milkshake run!!
 Cool cats:) 
 My boys are a bit obsessed with basketball. Liam especially right now which is so funny cause Q was that same way at his age. He could play basketball all day long. The kid loves it! 
 Playing ball with dad is the best!
When Liam isn't outside playing basketball he's watching out the window wishing he was:) We bought a basketball hoop a few weeks ago and the kids love it even though they are a ways off from actually being able to shoot in it. Every time we walk upstairs or leave the house Liam laughs and yells "baskball!!".

 I caught these two(Bran and Quinton) outside shooting while I was putting Liam to bed. I Love seeing this out my window. It melts my heart:) Bran is such a good daddy. 
 Our nice weather came to an end and we were forced back inside watching TV....URG!!!
Star Wars has become a new favorite for Q. 
He is certain he carries the force....
Liam following in Q's footsteps.
 Liam is also very opinionated on what we watch. If its not basketball he's not interested.  
 Notice Bran changed the channel to baseball and yes Liam had a meltdown.
 Brotherly love!!
 Liam is still up to his same old tricks. Making messes, putting cars in the toilet(a new favorite of his), throwing tantrums and making his mom and dad a bit crazy.  
 But he is nothing but CUTE!!(cute collage I got from Grandma Kelley while I was in California)
 Q got to take a sack lunch and a stuffed animal to school the other day and he was so excited about it. He was very clear about what he wanted in his sack lunch(peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit snacks, animal cookies, a candy and juice) I love how the simplest things can make him so happy!


Dying Easter eggs. The kids loved it!

 Liam got in on the action by putting stickers all over the eggs. 
 Of course with a little help from Q. 
 I think he likes it!
 Q posing by our finished eggs. 

 Easter morning the kids raced down stairs to see what the Easter bunny left them. 

 They also had to go outside and see what the "magical" jelly beans grew into. 
 "Liam look they grew into suckers! That's crazy!!"
 A quick photo before church. Love my boys!!
 Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
 I was surprised at how well Liam did at finding eggs. 

 Well until something caught him and Lawson's eye...
Dirt piles!! Darn boys!
Q scored big time! He found a ton of eggs!! 
My cute sisters and I. 
 Yep...we are hard core. Especially my mom:)

 Family Photo. Love these people!! I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ and the Atonement. We had a great day. Happy Easter!