Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter Wonderland

In January we went up to the Kelley cabin with our good friends the Judds. We had a blast! Those Judds know how to party!!! Thanks for the fun weekend guys!
Love this lady! Her smile is contagious! She is so FUN!
 Fun in the snow!!! 
I'm arranging their marriage already….
 Seriously have you ever seen such cute kiddos?!?!  
 Game time!
 When we got home from the cruise we spent the weekend at the Taylor cabin! I LOVE this place!
 My hottie hubby hard at work!
It was a winter wonderland!!! There's nothing better than getting snowed in at the cabin!

 My little brother has such great style sense….

 Jumping off the dock is always a good time!

 These two were totally content watching the boys play in the snow from the cozy cabin. 
 Sledding time. Q was a mad man on the tube always wanting me to drive crazy and slam them into the snowbanks:)

 Liam and Lawson wrestling with Grandpa!
 These two are the cutest! Liam is obsessed with his cousin Lawson. He is one of the very few people Liam actually likes:) They are only two weeks apart and so have so much fun together! 

 While we were there we celebrated Bran's birthday...The dirty 30! WAHOO!!!

 Cute cousins! 
 Who would have thought we would have six boys(almost seven) on my side of the family. Crazy! Maybe someday we will get a little girl in the mix. 
What would we do without cabin trips?!?! They are my fav!