Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Family Pictures

A couple months ago we had my sister take our family pictures. I think they turned out super cute. Thanks Chelsi!!

Our family of four.

We did manage to get a few cute pictures of Quinton while we were at it. I didn't get any of Liam cause it was way too cold outside for the little guy. He was a nightmare all night long from being out in the cold for the few minutes it took to snap our family pictures.

Q is such a sweet little guy. We love him so much. He loves doing puzzles, playing games on any ones phone and he's not afraid to ask you for it (I personally hate this), making Liam laugh, and playing baseball,basketball, and soccer with his Dad. He loves reading books and has a lot of his books memorized. Most of the time instead of us reading to him at nights it has turned into him reading to us. I absolutely love his sweet little voice!! He loves to sing. Every now and again when I look in the rear view mirror I even see him doing a little head banging. His nursery teacher tells us all the time how impressed she is with Q during singing time. He has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh all the time. Some examples

-While ordering ice cream at Dairy Queen one night in the drive thru Q had his head phones on in the back watching a movie and he yells super loud " I want fries......and a diet coke!!" A kid after my own heart.

-While walking out to the car Q tells me very seriously"Mom don't fall and break your ass." I looked straight over at Bran cause I know he didn't hear that from me. Not our proudest parenting moment but still pretty darn funny. Thank heavens we haven't heard that word since.

-Q "Mom I need to go potty." Me "you do" Q "yeah mom cause I'm dancing". Always a sure sign.

-Bran asked Q the other day what they should get me for Christmas and Q replied "a tree and some lights"
-Bran asked Q what movie he wanted to watch and he said Dinosaurs(land before time). Bran then said under his breathe "Dinosaurs sucks" Q then looked at him and said "no dad, you suck."

-Quinton was on the potty the other day and farted really loud so I let out a little giggle and he told me very seriously "Its not funny mom, its poop."

I could go on and on. He is the Best!!