Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We took a little day trip to West Yellowstone a few weekends ago. We had so much fun visiting the bear and wolf exhibit, getting ice cream, and looking at cabins on the lake we someday dream of owning. Bran and I love Island Park. We both have such great memories there growing up. Days like these spent with just my husdand and my kids are the Best!! We are really lucky to have such awsome kids that do so well in the car. Bran and I get to sit and chat while our kids watch movies and sleep in the back. Heaven!! Q thought the bear and wolf exhibit was awesome. It was a first for me too. Pretty cool...Those bears are enormous!

Could these boys get any cuter?? I'm one lucky lady!!

Liam follow my finger...

We got there right in time to see them do a wolf feeding. Pretty exciting...

They told us this bear always sits up on the rock like this. I like to believe he saw me whip out my camera and wanted to pose for a nice picture.

A perfect day with my perfect family! I never want to forget days like these!!


Here are a couple of videos I forgot to post of Liam at nine months. Crawling for the first time and playing ball. Branden is pretty excited he has a left hander:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunny Days

We love summertime!! Here are some things we have been doing on those beautiful sunny days.

Playing in the water...

I see bum crack:)

Boys will be boys....

Liam loved watching the boys run around in the sprinklers.

Slip n slide time.

Ready Set Go!

I love looking out the window to this. Q has some ideas...that's for sure.

We have a lot of homes being built in our neighborhood which makes for some great dirt piles. One of Q's favorite things to do is load up his buckets and shovels in his power wheel, find the perfect dirt pile, fill his buckets up with dirt, bring them back home and then add water to them. Repeat.

This is not an easy task...

The end result. Who says a bucket of mud can't make someone happy...

Hop Scotch

More Jeepin

I love how his golf clubs are strapped in next to him. Haha funny boy!

Playing at the park with cousins.

Playing outside....in undies??

Q got a sand box from Grandma and Grandpa Kelley and he loves it!!

Morning runs.

We heart Sunny days!!

9 & 10 months

Liam at 10 months old.

Liam is standing all by himself for a few seconds. Not too far off from walking...What the heck?! He looks way to small to be standing.

9 month stats(he is a tiny little man)
Height: 26 1/2
Weight: 15lbs. 15 oz.
Head: 45 3/4
At nine months Liam started crawling, pulling himself up in his crib, and eating some table foods. He still only has his two bottom teeth. He gets into everything but is at such a fun age. He is super shy and doesn't like to be held be many people. He's kindof an anti-social. We love this little boy!!

Q sharing all his toys. He is the best big brother:)

These two love to take baths together and I love watching them splash around.

Nine months....sitting up in the tub like a big boy.

Liam's poor skin. I had to put this in for my own record.

Washing off after going to town in some flour.

Messy boy...