Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Fall

We took Quinton to the pumpkin
patch the other night so he could pick out
the perfect pumpkins to take home and
carve. The highlight for him was the cute
little hay stack maze.

I love capturing these precious moments
of Bran with his little boy!!

Headed home-Mission accomplished!!
Carving time. Quinton was interested
for about 5 minutes and then Bran and
I were on our own. And who knew my
husband was such a skilled pumpkin carver.
Quinton did however love the finished products

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Back in August we were able to go to Denver for a few
days to watch the Braves play the Rockies. We had so
much fun even though the darn Braves got swept!!
They couldn't even win one game for us:( Come on!!
Branden and his brother Nate are die hard fans and
Heather and I have become quite the fans ourselves.
We had such a good time with Nate and Heather.
Thanks for the great memories guys!! And thank
you mom for watching Quinton for four days. Pretty sure
I had a harder time with the separation then he did. He
thought staying at Grandma and Grandpas was dang fun!

Watching the team practice. It was pretty cool to get so
close to the action.

Picture from our seats. They were AWESOME!!!

My favorite pitcher Hudson


My favorite player Prado.



Getting ready to play ball.

Heather, Nate, Branden and I. Look at us all geared up to support our team!! Go Braves!

These two looked liked little boys on Christmas morning
when we walked into the stadium and they saw the
Braves on the field practicing.

The first game it was a little rainy outside but I loved the
cooler whether. The last game was way too hot so Heather
and I spent most of the game up in the shade. That's where
we got to meet the owner of the Rockies and so called
owner of the Braves. When I told Bran I meet these guys
that offered us sweet seats (in the shade) he pulled up a
picture of the Rockies owner up on his phone and sure
enough it was him. The Braves however are owned by a
cooperation and we finally figured out it was the CEO of
that company. So that was kinda cool!! Darn Heather if
only we would have had wrist bands to go to where the
cools kids sit!!:)

Heather and I