Friday, August 22, 2014


T-ball was so fun this summer!!! Q and his team did awesome! It was so fun watching them improve throughout the season! I was so proud of them and their smoking hot coach:)

 The cutest lil ball players I've ever seen!!!
 Team huddle….

 Ready to take off for home:)))

 Seriously this Father/Son picture is my all time favorite!!! Bran did an awesome job coaching all those boys! 

 Last game of the year. We were sad it was over! We kinda love baseball!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our month of May/June in pictures

I love this picture!!! They really are best buddies!!!
Liam is obsessed with the "power car" and Q is always so nice to take him on rides. I don't exactly trust the wild child behind the wheel yet;)

 Sup Ladies?!?!

 Q thinks driving around the block is the funnest thing in the world. He giggles the entire time his hands  are on the wheel:)

 Helping Aunt Madi get ready for prom! 

 I sure hope the only kiss she got that night was from these two cuties;)
 Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Bateman's grave on Memorial Day

 LOVE these boys!!!!
 Kids are cool.
 Bryler's baptism
 Loving on the new baby kittens at Grandma and Grandpa Garners.

 Backyard Shenanigans 
Tackle football already?? Boys will be boys!!

Hangin with the neighbor kids.
 Cruising in style with Grandma and Grandpa Kelley.
 My good friend Calyn had her baby girl. She's perfect!!! Nothing better than snuggling a newborn!
 Happy 28th Birthday to me!!! I went to lunch with my Mom, sisters, and Grandma Taylor and then to dinner with my handsome hubby! It was a perfect day!!! 
We had to get a picture of all the birthday gals together! I'm so lucky to share my birthday with my Mom and Grandma! 
Celebrating my Mom's birthday the next day. 

 Selfies with Dad. My heart melts when I'm not home and I get these gems sent to me!!!
Branden is the best Daddy!!!

 Playing with friends
 I had my 10 year high school reunion! Crazy!!! I can't believe its been that long! I loved catching up with these cute girls!!! 
 The next day they had a carnival. It was so fun seeing everyones kids. 
 Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the whole entire world. We sure LOVE him!!! Like A LOT!!!
And Happy Father's Day to my Dad who is seriously the most amazing Grandpa to my boys. 
I also have awesome father in laws! I'm a lucky girl to have all these men in my life. Love them all to bits! 

 Zoo day with the Johnsons!
 My favorite view!
Visiting with Grandma Hall. This is a picture I will cherish forever. Love this sweet lady so much! 

 Slip n slide fun

 Golf date with the Dennings. So FUN!!!

 Summer time is exhausting! He managed to get his swim suit off and fall asleep before I got inside. 
 Who needs a tool belt?!?!
 The cutest of friends!!! 
 Rigby Lake with the Hannys.

 So this happened. Q took the old hog for a spin!!! I can't believe he's old enough for this! I was so proud of him. He did awesome! 
 And these two sure look cute pretending!!!