Monday, April 26, 2010

Major Catch Up

I have really gotten behind on the blog so here is our
month of April in lots of pictures!!

Fun day at the zoo. Quinton had a great time running
around with all the kids and I just enjoyed being out in
the sun!! Love days like these!!

Quinton with my cousins little girl Oliva.

Is this not the cutest photo ever!? Best buds holding

Last weekend we planted 700 trees up at my parents
ranch. Not the funnest way to spend the weekend but
Q was in heaven playing with his cousins and shoveling
dirt into his Tonka truck. Boys will be boys!!

Girls getaway in Boise!!! I had such a fun weekend with
my mother and sister in laws. We did lots of
shopping, ate out at some yummy yummy restaurants, and
had a jewelry making party. SO FUN!! Thanks girls for
such a great weekend. This was my first time leaving Q
and I sure had a hard time but it was nice to get away.

Love this lady!! Who needs a dressing room anyway?

Naked guy in the hot tub!!!

Have you ever seen such a little tiny bum?!

Quinton's first real haircut. I have only trimmed the top
of his hair once. The poor kid has no hair!! It is finally
starting to grow and he was in desperate need of a hair
cut so my sister Chelsi came to the rescue. I think he
thoroughly enjoyed the pampering!!

Quinton hanging out with his buddy Krew. Thanks for
coming down from Poky to play!!

It has begun!! My life as I know it is over!! Baseball season
is in full swing and Q is following in his daddy's footsteps!!

Q admiring what the Easter Bunny brought him!! We had
a fantastic Easter Sunday watching conference and
spending time with family.

Friday, April 2, 2010

March Madness

I can't believe March has already passed. We had a fun
month and enjoyed the few days of nice weather we had
spending as much time outside as possible before the snow
came again. YUCK!!! Here's a few pictures of us spending
some quality time indoors. Can't wait for some more warm

What a good helper!!

Q keeping himself entertained. Whatever it takes right?!

I love when Bran comes home from work and I get a
little break. Q is really starting to become a daddy's boy
and I can see why.

Quinton getting chased around the house by dad.

Last weekend our neighborhood had a BBQ and an Easter
egg hunt. Q was not that interested in the egg hunt
but he did manage to find a few eggs.

Enjoying some time outside in that glimpse of sunshine we
We broke out the BBQ.

Played at the park.

And enjoyed some football!!

Earlier this month we went up to the Morgan cabin with
family and friends. We had a great time minus the
avalanche situation.
We don't see all the men in the kitchen cleaning that often
so I had to snap a photo.
Hangin with the boys!! (Cody, Dillon, and Quinton)

And of course the girls too!! (Chloe and Quinton)

On Sat. the men all went sledding and my brother in law
got caught in an avalanche. It was super scary and he is
very lucky he walked away from it okay. So now I think
I have convinced Bran to sell this thing. Anyone